Simulcast: Rally The Republic

Citizens of the Republic, foreign nations, children of Matar. Lend us your Ears. This, is the voice of the Ushra’Khan.

We have come before you today to deliver our message, there is a great work to be done and things you must hear, please listen well.

This message must be heard, and heard by all as these matters affect us all in equal measure whether you realise it yet or not. Some would tell you that it does not concern you, you might even believe it yourself. This is a mistake.

We, the Ushra’Khan believe in change and have long stood for it. The world in which we live is home to monstrous injustice, cruelty, neglect and apathy. This must change, with your help it may.

The Minmatar Republic is interested in self preservation at all costs, it rejects change out of fear that change may threaten its security. That fear holds our people back. Worse, it holds many of us in chains.

What is it that makes us say such things? Well might you ask. Let us consider it! The government of the Republic fears anything that might threaten the stability of the unstable Yulai Accords, a treaty built on compromise and sustained by appeasement.

When the Great Rebellion ended one hundred years ago our people made a grave ‘compromise’ to secure peace. We drew borders on a map, here lies the Amarr, here the Republic, here the Federation, here the state.

And here, the Ammatar.

At the end of the Great Rebellion we sacrificed one third of our kinsmen into slavery to buy the alleged security of our own freedom. They were given up under the necessities of the day, practically sold to buy our own nation.

Today we find far too many are content in this circumstance. The status quo appears favourable, here we stand free, is that not enough? We ask you, is this right? Is it just that we abandon so many of our own for our own comfort? Do we not have an obligation to help those we left behind?

The Ushra’Khan says yes, we have that obligation and we must act. We stand for those who were left behind, abandoned, and we speak on their behalf until the day they can speak again for themselves. Hear now this voice for we speak now with the urgency of many.

Today we call upon you to consider your own voice. The voice of the Republic falls silent. The politicians whisper in a language of fear and have silenced many a voice of dissent raised against them.

The Voices of Matar spoke out against the appeasement politics of the Republic, they have since been hunted down and arrested. Is this freedom? Are these the actions of free Matari? No, these are the actions of fear.

The politicians fear what might happen if they stand firm in the principles of free Matari, they fear criticism and stamp it out. Instead they place their faith in appeasement. Placating Amarr to maintain the peace, leaving our kin in their chains
to buy the peace.

The word of our time is fear. Do not anger the Amarr or else risk a second Day of Darkness. Do not question the status quo or else risk disaster. Conform, look inwards, do not concern yourself with that which is outside our borders. Do not provoke.

But provocation is scarcely needed, war creeps upon you regardless. While Prime Minister Midular’s government silences dissenters internally and placate the Amarr, the enemy gathers their strength.

The Amarrian Empire has not to this day officially recognised the Republic’s sovereignty. And they do not honour it. Every day Slavers prey upon free Matari regardless of that line on the map. Every day Amarrian preachers teach the latest generation the ‘Reclaiming’ of the Minmatar. To them we are but disobedient slaves.

So we say to you, look up! See the storm clouds approaching and recognise the danger before you. Children of Matar, stand up and prepare yourselves. Act now before it is too late, do not hide yourselves in fear for when the storm comes you will find that there is no hiding place.

We know this well. In Providence we met the force of Amarrian aggression as Unity Station fell besieged. They came for us in force and in Reclaiming, there will come a day when they return for the Republic too.

On that day we must be ready. Stand up.

You are not alone in this, and the way has forward has been lit for you. Remember the name of Karishal Muritor and the Defiants. They showed us what can be achieved the day the Amarrian Battle Station at Sosala was torn down by Matari hands. We were there and we bear witness. On that day Amarrian supremacy was proven a lie, victory is not the impossibility some would have you believe.

The road shall be long and the road shall be hard. We know this as well anyone. But I say to you that all is not lost, and hope does not fade. Even as the great beacon of Unity Station guttered out in the long dark, a legion of torches took light in the ashes against the encroaching night. You see it today, all around you.

Today we walk together and stand together as torchbearers, bringing to you the most important message we have to give. From Hek to Istodard, From Rens to Egbinger, from Pator to Tanoo. A long chain of torches are now lit joining all the tribes of the Matari across planets, stars, borders and politics we stand together.

Sebiestor, Brutor, Vehrokior, Krusual, Thukker and Nefantar. Today these words reach every one of them, in every link of the chain stands the Ushra’Khan, together we make you this promise.

We are many Tribes but one people, divided by politics but united by spirit. That spirit will not be broken and together we shall meet the advancing night with the brilliant light of free people.

Children of Matar, stand up.

We are the Ushra’Khan, we come for our people.

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