Simulcast: To The Sylph

This is the voice of the Ushra’Khan. Today we deliver a message to the denizens of Slaver Providence & Catch. Heed these words.

This message is being relayed across Sylph territories and into the wider Providence and Catch holdings of the Slaver and his allies. As I speak to you here, my brothers speak with me across the span of light years. We speak in unison, with many voices but one message.

Many of those listening to this may never had heard its like before. You may not know why our ships stalk this space, ever watching and hunting. The Kari pipe has undergone heavy interdiction by our forces, do you know why? Do you know where this began pilot?

Listen well, and learn our story. Understand the why, and choose where you stand with care and knowledge of the facts.

It has been over three years since we first deployed our forces into the Providence region. Many hearing this broadcast likely cannot imagine how much this region has changed since then. When we came; there was nothing here. Nothing but scattered pirates, a handful of small time Capsuleer prospectors, and the Slavers.

The Sansha had long lurked out here on the fringes of Empire but we did not come for them.. We came because the Capsuleers had begun their so-called ‘Operation Deliverance’. Amarrian Imperialists seeking to expand their holdings and spread the foul practice of slavery in the name of a twisted god.

They began to settle in the south, expanding their way out of Misaba. We in turn moved into the north. It was there that we chose to draw the line and there we began to build a counter point to Imperial expansion. It was there, in 9UY4-H that we raised Unity Station.

The space about us was founded as free space, any who did not support the slaver were welcome within our borders. This might surprise you, but even today we operate ‘NRDS’ outside of Providence and Catch.

For a time there was a balance, eventually the Slaver pushed closer to Unity Station until they were ready to assault it openly. It was then that we saw the true worth of our friends. And their failings.

As the Slaver’s power grew we saw swift changes in Providence. For a long time we had supported our neighbours, sometimes to our own detriment and distraction. While some joined our fight others remained neutral, and this we respected.

Two years ago, the Sylph Alliance repaid this respect by choosing to side with the Slaver when the tide of battle turned against us. When things were at their most bleak, they turned on us. On that day Sylph earned themselves a special place in our memory. There can be no forgiveness for the traitor.

We have been asked by some in Sylph why we pursue them so tenaciously, why we single them out amongst our enemies after so long. It is because we take loyalty very seriously indeed. We stand by our allies even through the hard times. The world can slander us for our choice but we shall ever stand by those choices.

We do not throw our friends to the wolves for mere expediency. So we will not forgive those who have done it to us, especially when that choice sees them standing shoulder to shoulder with the Slaver.

For Sylph there can be no forgiveness. And there shall be no mercy or quarter given. We shall pursue them to the end. There will be no negotiation until the entity known as Sylph is no more, that shall be the punishment for their crime. To be a mere footnote in the history of greater men.

But you, Providence dweller, what of you? What is your crime that we so hunt you?

Since the day Unity Station fell, Providence has been the domain of the Slaver, answering to his law. That law might seem agreeable to you, Pod Pilot, for your needs. But have you looked deeper? This space is beholden to the laws of the Imperialists and the teachings of their twisted beliefs.

It is your presence that fuels their expansion. Your commerce and your coin that forges fresh chains to bind innocent men to lives in servitude. You are complicit in their crimes. By your acquiescence
they commit atrocity.

It is by this failure to accept responsibility that you became our enemy. And that is why you shall ever be our quarry while you live under the rule of Slavers. But for you, perhaps, there is a way out.

You are free to remove yourselves from this conflict. You are free to choose again. Depart Providence and our quarrel with you is done. Go, remove yourselves from this tainted place and find an honest home, one not built upon the backs of slaves.

Or stay, and fight alongside us for a better world. A world where all peoples of New Eden live unfettered and free of the stinging lash. Perhaps it is not too late for you to choose more justly.

But for the traitor, there is only blood. The war goes on and continues to grow. Our strikes on your installations shall continue. We are watching you closer than ever. We are finding your lapses and exploiting them at every opportunity.

The war shall go on, there shall be no respite, no safety to be found in Providence nor in Empire. You made your choice and you shall be held to its consequences.

The years might pass but our resolve and conviction does not. We are the Ushra’Khan, and we come for our people.

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