A new day

I wake to an unusual silence in KBP7-G station, somethings not right. There is no dull drone of the air conditioning nor hiss of the faulty valve on the ventilation unit, in fact, it sounds like the entire station is shutdown.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I reach over to the Neocom and tap the screen, but that’s dead too. “What the feck is going on!” I mumble; half a sleep, half awake.

In the silence my senses are heightened, as I hear foot steps from the corridor outside and then a loud bang on the bulk head door. A voice shouts “The station is in complete lock-down, CONCORD have sealed all pod pilots in their quarters or locked out their ships. You may as well go back to sleep or whatever you were doing, we will ping your Neocom once CONCORD have finished their business”.

I hear the foot steps walk away to the next room and again the bang of a fist on a bulk head door as he continues to tell each of the residents on this deck. “This is outrageous!” I curse under my breath, I guess this is what happens when an organisation is given ultimate power to control New Eden, lets hope CONCORD are only doing this to protect the citizens and make the universe a better place.

I lay back, pull up the duvet and fall a sleep, “Feck em, I’m sure it will all be good after a few more hours sleep, just hope we don’t run out of air…”.

CCP are moving TQ to a new home, the relocation started on 23|06|10 @ 0900 UTC
and is assumed to be completed by 24|06|10 @ 2300 UTC
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  1. I hope the undocking computers will not get messed up.

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