Beyond the basics

Well CONCORD lifted their curfew, and listening to the intel it seems there has been some upgrades to the core infrastructure of New Eden. I guess that means they have been tinkering with the gates, undocking computers and all manner of station hardware, but we are still here, and breathing, so can’t be all bad.

There was a report that there will be some sort of remuneration for the inconvenience by way of a skill-point pool, which brings me on to my current training schedule… Interdictors!

Obviously; before I get to read the Interdictor manual I need to read up on the advanced levels of Destroyers as well as Interceptors, which is really useful as I love my Taranis so that time wont be wasted! This is going to take me about 11 days to complete, which sounds like a long time, but the reward at the end will be worth it.

I’m already speaking to the supply officer about the best fitting for a Flycatcher, as well as our tacticians about the best strategies for flying such a vessel.

I can remember when I first learned how to fly a Destroyer, I was so happy to be out of a Frigate and into something bigger with more guns, but sadly their hulls are paper thin so I’ve tended to press-gang them into salvaging service, which is a shame really. Granted the Flycatcher is a Destroyer hull, but it adds more bite to roaming gangs or alliance warfare!

Dropping bubbles will bring a grin or two.

Well there’s no use me babbling to my Neocom terminal, I best settle in and dig out those text books, this stuff won’t learn its self.

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