Inside the ship of U’K veteran

At a null sec station, Astroyka sits gazing at her terminal in her quarters, scanning through the alliance contracts looking for a bargain, but for nothing in particular when something catches her eye.

Astroyka: “Hmm, this looks interesting, good price, with rigs and tech 2 fittings. Wonder who is selling so much for so little?”

She checks the contractors name to discover that it’s being sold by a long time veteran of U’K… Ombey!

Astroyka: “Wow, a ship owned and piloted by Ombey himself, this is too good to be true!”

With a quick tap of the console the contract is completed and the ISK is debited from her account. She gets straight on to her private crew comms channel to her second in command to inform him of the new acquisition and to give orders to rally the crew to a briefing ASAP.

… later …

Astroyka: “Well crew, we have a new ship to add to the hangar, it’s located in KBP and so we need to get over there and pick it up.”

The crew seem a little perplexed as getting a new ship is part and parcel of life in null sec and usually doesn’t warrant a briefing, but the crew listens as it must be something important.

Astroyka: “I know you are all wondering why I need to tell you this in person, but you see this is a special ship. Not only is it a fully fitted Taranis Interceptor, but its last owner was non-other than the U’K veteran Ombey!”

There are hushed whispers from the crew and heads turning to each other to see reactions and then a crew member stands and Astroyka gives way to allow him to ask a question.

Crew member: “Truly, it’s one of Ombey’s ships? So the rumours are true, he’s selling assets and leaving U’K?”

Astroyka: “Yes, this is definitely one of Ombey’s ships, the contract was created and signed by him! And yes, the rumours are true, he has already left U’K and has moved on to be CEO of his own corporation.”

There are more hushed whispers at this news, until Astroyka calls for order and everyone quietens down to hear what she has to say.

Astroyka: “Yes, Ombey has gone, but we have something physical to remember him by! Its sitting in the hangar of KBP station, so shore leave is cancelled, we need everyone over to KBP quick smart to evaluate the new ship and get it flight ready ASAP.”

With orders given the crew disperses and return to their quarters to pack and head for KBP.

A short trip via Jump Bridges the crew arrives at KBP station, no-one bothers to unpack they just dump their gear and rush to the hangar. Astroyka is already in the hangar gazing at the Taranis before her. The ship has a few scorch marks from previous battles, but nothing that would register on the ships instrumentation as damage. Towards to stern of the ship Astroyka sees a Red U’K fist expertly painted on the side of the right wing, she walks down the gang-way to see the words “We come for our people” painted below it!

Astroyka is approached by her first officer.

First officer: “Ma’am, does the ship have a name?”

Astroyka: “Yes, ‘XZS536650’, but I’m not sure if has any significance to Ombey or if it’s just a serial number he gave the ship within his asset logs. We will have to investigate what it means, but for now we will keep the name. In the meantime, I want the ship opened and a security detail assigned until I’ve had a good look around. Make sure nothing is moved or touched until I’ve inspected the ship!”

First officer: “Yes Ma’am!”

With that, he salutes and scurries off to organise the crew.

The station quartermaster confirms ownership of the vessel and completes the paper work to transfer the ship to Astroyka enabling access. It’s not unusual for a ship’s captain to inspect a vessel as it gives them chance to see the decks of the ship when normally they are encapsulated in their pod, but this tour was a little different as Astroyka had such admiration for Ombey and often wondered what it would be like to see inside one of his ships.

As she enters the airlock of between the ship and station a sense of pride fills her, she never thought she would actually own one of Ombey’s ships let alone one configured and setup for his style of captaincy. This would give her insight into how a U’K veteran configures his ship and maybe there is still combat data in the databanks of Ombey’s last engagement in this ship!

She heads for the bridge passing the empty pod chamber where her pod would soon be connected, she looks through the observation window at the empty pod-shaped space and a small grin crosses her face at the thought of her pod being connected to the ship. She turns away and continues to the bridge.

With a tap of the door control the bulk-head door slides open to reveal the bridge, as she walks forward, terminals begin to flicker into life automated by her presence on the bridge. She heads straight to the command console and enters her access code to take command of the vessel. Her first command is to display the ships fittings loadout…

Astroyka: “Hmm, dual prop, that’s gunna take some time to master! At least there is nothing here I can’t use so no need for additional training time, that’s a relief.”

She then opens the cargo manifest to see was been left in the cargo hold…

Astroyka: “Excellent, Ombey was good enough to leave the new captain some ammo and extra goodies.”

She continues to look through the ships databanks and finds combat logs, there are pages and pages of kills, some catch her eye as they scroll past on the screen…

Ship: Typhoon (Battleship)
Location: H6-CX8 (0.0)
Date: 2010-02-04 20:42:00
Ship: Daredevil (Frigate)
Location: D-GTMI (0.0)
Date: 2010-02-01 20:30:00
Ship: Scorpion (Battleship)
Location: IS-R7P (0.0)
Date: 2009-12-06 16:36:00
Ship: Harbinger (Battlecruiser)
Location: IS-R7P (0.0)
Date: 2009-12-06 16:36:00
Ship: Zealot (Heavy assault)
Location: IS-R7P (0.0)
Date: 2009-12-06 16:35:00

Astroyka: “Looks like this ship has punished a fair few slavers in its time, let’s not spoil its reputation when we take it for its first flight.”

With a few taps of the screen she archives the data and transmits it to her secure data store in empire space. She logs out of the terminal and continues with the tour of the ship. Walking towards to astrometrics console she see there is still an active file on display.

Astroyka: “Hmm, what’s this? Looks like my U’K security code has unlocked the last star chart Ombey was working on.”

She sits at the console and opens the file, it’s an index of all the top secret maps which Ombey has created over the last 12 months. Taping on a random entry it displays the sector map for Providence, Catch and Curse. The data is obviously out of date as it shows the extent of the logistics network when Sylph, CVA and Paxton were mighty Sovereign holding alliances.

The workmanship of the map is outstanding, but what strikes Astroyka the most is the amount of time it must have taken to gather the intel for each of the logisitcs points and how dangerous it must have been to fly to each of those solar systems to keep the maps up to date!

Astroyka: “Ombey is truly a master cartographer, this information is not only a testament to his commitment to U’K but also a historical archive of last 12 months, this needs to be saved for posterity.”

Again, with a few taps of the screen she archives the data and transmits it to her secure data store in empire space.

… To be continued.

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