Empire Logistics Report: ELR394

::: start transmission /// decryption sequence:~ [redacted] :::

Officer Name: [redacted]
Base Location: [redacted]
Week Ending: 25|06|[YC112]10

Ma’am, not much to report this week as the Empire crew are still settling into their new home. We have been scouting systems close to our drop point for appropriate mining and manufacturing activities and the prospects look good.

I personally lead a team to the [location redacted] system to determine the quality of mineral deposits in the belts and encountered a True Sansha operative waiting in one of the belts, he was quickly dealt with and his wreck was inspected to find the following items of note in the inventory:

Succubus Blueprint
Low-grade Slave Beta
Sanshas Radio S

Please advise if these are to be transferred to you or placed on contract on the open market.

The CEO of [corp. name redacted] has given me the personal honour of becoming a Director. I’ve assured him that I’ll perform the task to the best of my abilities, but just wanted to also assure you that these new responsibilities won’t distract me from my duties to you.

The only other item to report was the hauling of a [ship type classified] to a member of Mirkur Draug’Tyr, he seemed very happy to get the ship hauled all the way from [location redacted] to [location redacted] what with the wardec’s we have on at the moment, suffice to say he will hopefully take good care of the ship or ensure it explodes in a ball of fiery glory in the name of the Republic!

Signing off, [name redacted]

::: end transmission :::

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