Fear the Sansha?

I’m sure you have read the reports on the Sansha Incursions, well I’ve just been informed by one of our corp. directors that capsuleer Mouse Nell managed to obtain footage from the other side of the “True Power Entrance” wormhole.

What’s more worrying is that CONCORD official Haeldone Dorgiers confirmed the “facility” in the background of the feed is actually Prosper Vault, 3-CE1R, in Jove Space!

To quote:

Haeldone Dorgiers: “I cannot speak any further on the matter at this time other than to confirm it as Prosper Vault, 3-CE1R. I would caution you against hubris, capsuleers. The size of the fleet is not the point of primary concern.”

So is the “point of primary concern” mean the Jove have have been forced out of the area, or are co-operating with Sansha Nation?

Worrying times ahead?

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