AAR: Lets pay IT a visit

Its 1930 hours and time to ship up and go find IT Alliance targets, they’re a wonderful deep red to us at the moment as our Fleet Commander (FC) pointed out so its time we paid them a visit.

The FC wanted us to be fast and nimble so only Frigates and Destroyers allowed, so this seemed an ideal opportunity to jump into a Cormorant and see if the new training in Destroyers I’ve been undertaking as part of my Interdiction training would give me an edge.

I asked the weapons officer to fit the ship with Tech 2 Light Ion Blaster’s and made sure the chief engineer fitted a compatible Micro Warp drive to the engines as I new the ship would need the additional speed. My tactical officer requested the fitting of a Warp Scrambler just in case we needed it and with all that the chief engineer balanced the capacitor with a Cap Recharger and reinforced our defences with Tech 2 Invulnerability Field and Damage Control.

The Cormorant has an amazing number of high slots and even with 7 guns fitted we still had space for another high power item. The FC asked the fleet to fit a remote armour repair unit if we had space, so we raided our supply depot and found a Small I-ax Regenerative Projector. It would put us over on capacitor, but that’s nothing to worry about as it would only be used after a battle.

Others in the fleet chose Tech 2 Assault Frigates, Wolfs/Jaguars, or like me Destroyers. With everyone ready and in fleet we did a quick comm’s check to ensure we were all on the right channel and using the correct encryption protocol and it was time to undock.

The FC nominated a scout, a Wolf, to head up the fleet and check the way ahead, we had a short trip through Jump Bridges (JB), which gave the Con officer and the astrometrics team a chance to record new JB points. We left Catch behind and headed through Querious on our way to Delve; the heartland of IT.

The journey there was uneventful, we saw the odd red target in the local comms channel, but we were unable to determine their location or they simply cloaked and disappeared from our sensors.

Our FC gave clear and concise orders at each way point as we travelled through enemy space and soon we were in a position to go hunting. We entered Delve at SVM-3K and proceeded to navigate down to the K-6K16 pocket. We did the usual scanning routine at each system hoping to drop on the enemy unaware while ratting or similar, but this proved unfruitful and we quickly passed through the K-6K16 pocket and headed to PR-8CA.

As we landed in the system we again did the usual system scan and headed for the NOL-M9 gate, as we arrived the gate activated and the FC called “gate fire”, we held position and the FC gave orders to lock but not to fire until aggressed and to report if aggressed. The gate fire showed a neutral in local and it wasn’t long before a Ferox came out of gate cloak and then more gate fire as further neutrals entered the system.

Since they were neutral we waited for aggression, which sure enough they did, I checked the sensors and saw a Ferox, Vagabond, Crusader and Imperial Navy Slicer! The FC called the Slicer as Primary and I ordered the tactical officer to lock and open fire, but we were out of rage for our Blasters so while locking we hit the micro warp to get in range.

We closed range and the Slicer, but the Ferox primaried our ship, as I guess we had a larger signature than the others in our fleet, and began to fire, we were then locked by the Vagabond who applied a Small Energy Neutralizer against us and then the Slicer locked and began firing. We could hear the sound of Medium Pulse Laser II fire from the Slicer as well as what sounded like Electron Blaster fire from the Ferox hitting our shields.

I ordered the tactical officer to commence firing at the Slicer as an alarm went off warning that we were at 70% shields, this didn’t look good, a Ferox, Vagabond and Slicer against a destroyer, but still I wanted to make a hit for the fleet as any damage to our enemy could change the balance of the fight.

Battle at PR-8CA

As our shields failed and the tactical officer informed me that our armour was taking damage I ordered that we try and get some distance, but it was too late, as I’ve said before the Cormorants armour is paper thin and we quickly received an alarm that our armour was at 50% which is never good in a Caldari vessel!

I gave the general order to abandon ship as we hit structure and as the crew escaped I hit the release on my pod to see a blinding flash as the ship exploded around me. It wasn’t long before my eyes adjusted and I came to my senses and quickly warped to a random planet in the system.

I was still connected to the fleet comms channel and could hear that others were also taking fire, but we were getting the upper hand! Over the comms chatter I heard that the Slicer was down and that the Crusader was being primaried and with Assault Frigates biting and clawing at the enemy it soon exploded, but we lost our second Destroyer.

The rest of the remaining fleet primaried the Vagabond and began chewing through its shields and armour, when I heard that one of our Assault Frigates was in structure, but then the Vagabond exploded! The Ferox de-aggressed and warped away while we gathered our senses and evaluated the aftermath.

We were left with two Wolfs and a Rifter, with two Destroyers and an Jaguar destroyed. I quickly realised that this system was Blood Raider territory and so had docking rights to the local station. Docking would see me in a Rookie Ship, but its better than being in a pod!

The fleet scavenged the wrecks of our kills and losses and proceeded to dock as well, we had a chat over comms to analyse the battle and agreed our losses were small compared to the enemy and were worth the encounter.

After a quick drink in the station bar, which I’ll have to say the local Blood Raiders were every accommodating, we agreed a course home.

Our FC was excellent, as was our scout and the whole team worked well together, I was saddened not get any hits on the ships, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Flying with corp. members is the best flying in my opinion and to be honest if we didn’t encounter any hostiles it would still have been a good time because we are Mirkur Draug’Tyr!

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  1. Nice to see such a solid and successful example of NRDS in action.

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