AAR: War on Amarr / XR01

The hold wrought by Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) has been broken and their allies are mostly destroyed or fled, its time to take the war directly to Amarr and clean low security (low sec) and borderland areas of their supporters.

To quote our Fleet Commander (FC) leading up to the operation:

Do you know what “nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible cunt… me.

Suffice to say we were ready for some low sec action!

This operation required an highly mobile fleet so Frigates and Destroyers only and since my last encounter in a Destroyer wasn’t exactly successful I decided to inform the crew we would be manning the Ishkur and gave orders to ready the ship.

Ishkur Assault Frigate

Low sec systems require a different fighting style than what we are used to, so our FC gave us a briefing on our route and the tactics we should employ. There were a few fleet members that had low security ratings and so we needed to ensure we stayed in low sec for our operation, we didn’t want any CONCORD related accidents!

Our Rules of Engagement (RoE) for this operation were “Not Blue Shoot It” (NBSI) as reflected by our Alliance mandate, as such the targeting systems were re-programmed and the tactical officer reset his tactical display.

Before heading out we had a quick tally of our ship compliment:

  • 1 Frigate
  • 1 Electronic Attack Frigate
  • 3 Assault Frigate
  • 1 Interceptor
  • 1 Covert-ops

Before leaving the station the FC called for a volunteer to be our scout, I hit the comms button and volunteered, everyone has to do their bit at some point! We left the station and headed for Jump Bridges that would take us to low sec space, the route would see us travel from the Keberz system through to Pout and would take us through a couple of high security (high sec) sectors so it was imperative we move fast between each gate to be sure of any unwanted CONCORD attention.

Route Map

Scouting forwards there was very little to see, the neutrals in these borderland areas were mostly docked up in stations and reds quickly jumped out in opposite directions or cloaked, but we gave cursory scans to each of the systems as we went by. The camaraderie over the fleet comms. channel was good, it sounded like we were all in good spirits since this was our first foray into low sec.

Our FC gave us regular updates of our route to ensure each of our navigators entered the correct co-ordinates, this was low sec space and the names of the systems were unfamiliar and in some cases made a few of us wonder what they related to. Some were probably related to filthy Amarrian scripture, but most would probably be named after the person who found the system. Suffice to say the comms. chatter regarding the names was active, but did not detract from the task at hand, finding slaver scum and any who were assisting them.

We landed in the Ham system and proceeded to the Upt gate, our FC had a premise there was Ice Fields in Upt that may contain neutrals supplying the Amarrian markets with Ice products, stopping this action wouldn’t make a huge difference in market terms, but it would show that the Ushra’Khan meant business and that the War on Amarr was here!

Jumping into Upt we saw a Megathron and an Abaddon on the gate, they must have made some sort of transgression as the gate guns were firing on them and so gave us open licence to join in. Our FC gave the order to primary the Megathron, we all locked and began firing on the ship. I ordered the release of the drones and to take a tight orbit of the ship to get our guns into range. It wasn’t long before the ship was into structure helped by the gate guns and then with a bright flash it exploded. We lost a ship during the sortie, but his crew got our stafely, so the FC called for a re-group and a brief respite to allow him to re-ship.

The next leg of our excursion would take us deeper into low sec space, I rescinded my role as scout to a more experienced pilot as we needed our best eyes and ears at the front. Goudiyah was the destination and about three jumps from Ham, it was again another prime spot for Ice resource gathering, but it was also a dead-end system with a choke point if were to get into trouble.

We headed for Cabeki, scanning through the systems on route, but with nothing of any interest, we were about to head back to Goudiyah when our fears were confirmed, a Phobos, Tengu and assorted other ships landed on the gate with an intention of blocking our escape, but they were too slow and we managed to exit the pocket without any losses.

New navigational data was sent over fleet comms, we were headed for Pout, this wasn’t too far so didn’t take long to travel, but again there was nothing of note on the way and time was getting on so our FC ordered an about turn and head back to the comfort of null sec.

Spirits were high, we chatted over comms about the destruction of the Megathron and how their loss would be a sign of Ushra’Khans’ intentions in low sec and that we would be willing to take on such a large target right in Amarr’s backyard! We landed on the Gehi gate in Vezila to find a Raven just sitting there, we gave a moments though to it being bait, but we all wanted another fight so the FC called the target and we began to lock and fire.

The Raven was as we thought, bait, as we ripped through the shields and hit its armour and realised it was actually armour tanked and was being given armour repair support from nearby Guardian friends! We did manage to get the armour to half strength, but we were out classed so the FC called to disengage as this wasn’t a fight we were going to win.

Unfortunately this action saw our FC being primaried as further friends of the Raven arrived, a Dominix and Prophecy, there was little chance of his ship surviving with such overwhelming fire power and with a bright flash his Assault Frigate exploded. They then primaried our scout and since he was also in a Assault Frigate his ship was destroyed in short order too. Both the FC and scout survived in their pods, but I’ve not heard any reports on their crew, I’m always optimistic and assumed they survived as well.

We quickly exited the system and headed home, on the way we recalled the events and discussed the lessons learned, but we all agreed that this was the start of our low sec campaign and that Amarrian sympathisers would do well to heed our war cry and leave low sec now while they have a chance.

UKFist - We come for our people

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