Interdictor pilot reporting for duty

I’ve finally managed to finish reading all the manuals and advanced theory to allow me to pilot Caldari Interdictors, namely the Flycatcher. I’ve informed the crew that we will be performing Interdiction Manoeuvres soon, so they better get acquainted with this class of vessel right away.

Interdictor: Flycatcher

I’ve been informed by our Alliance Ship Manufacturing Division that Flycatchers are in production and will be delivered in a short while, which gives me chance to continue my discussions with our tacticians on how to handle the ship and the best way and places to launch Interdiction Spheres.

Interdiction Kit

It will take a little while to master I’m sure, but I’m confident in my crew and their abilities, it will just take a little bit of practice!

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  1. On a completely unrelated note: Can you try to fix your RSS Feed so it shows the full articles? Thanks =)

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