AAR: War on Amarr / XR02

Mirkur Draug'Tyr [KHAI]Today was to see me join ranks with my fellow corp. members and again make incursions into Amarr space to punish those that would promote and support slavery. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be the case for me as I received an important communiqué that meant I would have to rescind on my commitment to the operation.

This was truly sad as I’d been both gearing up for the operation and performing my own logistics to the drop point; it would also mean I didn’t get chance to be the “Nemesis” against Amarr!

The communiqué was important though and need my express attention so I jumped into a shuttle and headed for the rendezvous point. While I can’t talk about the details of my journey or what happened when I got to my destination I can relay to you what happened with the rest of my corp. colleagues on their incursion into Amarr space.

We crossed over from Minmatar systems to Amarr space, starting with Ezzara, the plan was to check complex and beacon gates and find fights there. Systems were reasonably populated, but we had hard time finding anyone until we got to Iesa.

We did the usual scanning of the system and belts, at which point one of the team managed to snag hold of a Hurricane but unfortunately ECM Drones made him lose scram and rest of us landed too late to re-scram the bugger.

We took a 5 minute break to re-group and headed on while our team member got a new ship and started catching up. In Sahtogas we meet the same pilot who was in the Hurricane, but this time in a Myrmidon. He baited us on the gate; I was sure something fishy was going to happen and didn’t order open fire straight away.

The dilemma was solved by our scout who returned from scouting Haras and promptly engaged the Myrmidon. We piled in! It wouldn’t be low sec if it wasn’t a trap! Two of his friends warped to sniper range in their Battleships! The odds were not in our favour so I called disengage, but the Myrmidon was so deep in structure we had time to finish it before warp-out.

Revenge! Unfortunately he got two of us during the fight. After this, we decided to head home, the trip home was rather uneventful.

Glad to hear we managed to remove a Myrmidon from their arsenal, but its always a shame to lose our own ships during encounters; I guess we have to take the rough with the smooth.

It sounds like we are slowly getting the hang of Low Sec fighting, but we still have a few lessons to learn and those lessons will be put into good use at our next encounter!

UKFist - We come for our people

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  1. Ahh-ha! While we were hard at work patrolling the lowsec, you were rubbing elbows with Important People planet-side and getting drunk on cheap spiced wine mixed with Quafe!

    Wellwellwell – I believe we’ve been ignoring the waste-disposal unit maintenance at the base lately. I think this might a good time to assign volunteers to that duty, don’t you think?

    • It really was important, but you are right I should have put the corp. first before my own pleasures… Where did the latest recruit leave the cleaning equipment? I’ll go and clean the latrines!

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