[UNITY] Price of Betrayal

Council Member Ugleb of the Ushra’Khan today reminded the wider populous of New Eden that betrayal of trust and treaties will not go unpunished.

Let this be a lesson to all would-be betrayers.

In Providence the eradication of the Opticon Alliance draws near. The newly formed Opticon were granted sovereignty in a corner of Providence even as the old Amarrian power bloc was being removed. They signe


d their name on the treaties that would make them part of the pacts that bind the new resident alliances together. Each of us is free to conduct ourselves as we choose, but we are promised to fight side by side should the day come that one of us is threatened from outside.

Opticon broke that trust. They were approached by the CVA and promised rewards for their loyalty and assistance. Opticon listened, and agreed. They promised their support in exchange for lands and wealth. They sided with the old enemy, with the Slaver.

They are paying the price, even as I speak. The dismantling of Opticon holdings is well advanced, and the desertion of their pilots and corporations rampant. In the Ushra’Khan we reserve a special fate for betrayers, the same fate that we promised the Sylph Alliance. Complete destruction. For Opticon the war ends with their complete disbanding and removal from CONCORD’s alliance registry.

As it did for Sylph. Heed this lesson, for in such matters our patience is infinite. And our lust for vengeance is insatiable. Opticon, this ending was well earned.

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