Empire Logistics Report: ELR396

::: start transmission /// decryption sequence:~ [redacted] :::

Officer Name: [redacted]
Base Location: [redacted]
Week Ending: 09|07|[YC112]10

Sorry for the lateness of this report Ma’am, we’ve had some technical difficulties with the liquid cooling in our central server unit.

This week saw the continuation of the invention work and I’m please to report that three of our five invention jobs were successful and now have three additional Wolf blueprints within our inventory. The two failures were for Vagabond vessels and again we are investigating the cause or ways to improve our chances.

We currently have a large stockpile of minerals and have therefore reduced our mining operation, which is probably for the best since this week saw the start of what the team refer to as “Hulkageddon“. From reading intel and reports this “event” sees other pilots making suicide attacks against mining vessels and any support ships they have.

Our Planetary industry has been totally restarted in an entirely new system and I have to report that the Head of Planetary Services was fired for lack of knowledge and understanding. We recruited a new Head of Planetary Services and it was her suggestion that we re-locate and it seems to be paying off. We now have a full industrial chain in [location redacted] and have already produced goods that have generated more income in a week than our previous operation did in three weeks!

We have changed our manufacturing operation too this week, we are now producing small rigs and bomb launchers as it seems from market analysis that these items are both in demand, but are in short supply in our region; both factors mean the new production paths should be profitable.

Signing off, [name redacted]

::: end transmission :::

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