AAR: Flight of the Osprey

Cruiser: Osprey DataA valued member of our corporation is known for his innovative uses of lesser known ships and on this occasion he was organising a roam into hostile territory using the humble Osprey.

This ship is normally seen around asteroid belts of high security systems since the ship has been designed with an increase to mining yield. It’s favoured by new capsuleers starting out in their careers as its relatively cheap and doesn’t require too much training to operate.

What is usually overlooked on this ship is the improvements made by the Caldari ship builders to increase the effectiveness of Shield Transporters, both in terms of increased range and the reduction of capacitor usage.

We all thought our roam organiser had gone slightly mad and that he was planning on taking us on a null sec mining trip! Obviously this was not the case, and it was clearly the shield “bonuses” that our learned corp. colleague was hoping to capitalise on.

Cruiser: OspreyNow, the Osprey isn’t the best looking vessel in the hangar, in fact some of the engineering staff refer to is as the “Turkey”, but they are aware of its role and were also looking forward to preparing the ship for this operation.

We decided that the ship would benefit from both large and medium remote shield repair systems and the chief engineer set about the task of ordering supplies and moving items between stations and storage facilities to get the ship ready. It wasn’t too long before the ship was ready as we had most of the ships fittings in stock.

It’s all well and good having ships in a fleet that can remote repair shields, but this also means that those ships won’t be able to deal much damage; this meant that some of the fleet would need to be in comparable ships but fitted to deal damage. Tallying the fleet we had:

  • 4 Osprey
  • 2 Rupture
  • 1 Rifter

Remote Shield Rep: OspreyNot a bad turnout, our remote repair (RR) contingent slightly out numbered the damage dealers so this meant we would be in a good position to keep them alive! Once everyone was ready we exited the station and performed some RR manoeuvres to ensure our crews were familiar with the procedures as well implementing the correct tactical display for when fleet members called for RR on their shields.

Our general plan was to head for the Curse region of space, it had been a while since I’d been around that region of New Eden and was eager to see some of the old systems in the area. Our roam organiser and fleet commender (FC) requested a member of the fleet to be scout and we proceeded to head for the Jump Bridges.

We hadn’t got far when the FC reported a failure of his navigation array and as a result our scout was sent in the wrong direction so we were essentially flying blind. The quick thinking FC assigned another member of the squad to be scout and we slowly proceeded along our path to allow our misdirected member to catch up.

Heavy Assault Ship: SacrilegeOur scout entered the Litom system and noted a neutral target on the outbound gate who then warped to the local station, the FC ordered pursuit. The neutral was flying a Sacrilege and we were sure he would dock, but instead he aggressed our scout and the FC ordered the rest of the fleet to warp to him and begin RR of the scouts shields.

To the surprise of the FC and the rest of the fleet the Sacrilege didn’t deagress, instead his shields failed and he began to take armour damage. With our RR holding and the ship entering armour we were sure this was going to be an easy kill, but suddenly a Falcon de-cloaked within range to start jamming us. This wasn’t too much to worry about as the Falcon wouldn’t be able to reliably jam us all and we continued to RR our damage dealers and attack the Sacrilege.

Recon Ship: FalconTo our surprise another Falcon de-cloaked within jamming range and began to disrupt our target locks and RR, we were in trouble, one Falcon was enough to contend with but two was too much so our FC ordered we get into range of the station to allow a swift docking procedure if things got too much.

Unfortunately being jammed we had no target locking and so unable to RR our scout who was able to get away, but one of our Ospreys’ was destroyed by the Sacrilege and the two Falcons. The rest of the fleet quickly docked at the station and we took a brief respite to evaluate the situation and allow fleet members to re-ship where needed.

In the meantime our scout headed back to the station only to be confronted by the hostile’s on the station at 100Km, but since we were all docked and unable to help his ship was destroyed which meant we had to wait a little longer in the station while he re-shipped and ensured his crew was safe.

Once everyone was ready we exited the station and our FC decided that it would be prudent to enter Curse via a different route, so we doubled back on ourselves and allowed our scout to get ahead of us again. After an uneventful trip through empty and unclaimed systems we eventually entered a system with some activity. Our scout identified a Cynabal on the outbound gate of 36N-HZ, were were in space held by our allies and so the FC ordered the scout to tackle the hostile and ordered the rest of us to warp to him ASAP.

Faction Cruiser: CynabalOur scout did a fine job of warp scrambling the ship and survived long enough for us to warp to him and begin to RR his ship and bring his shields back. The Cynabal was going down, but it was a trap; his friends jumped into the system and we were vastly out-gunned. My tactical officer announced that we had been targeted and it wasn’t long before the low shield alarm was ringing in my ears and then the armour alarm.

I ordered abandon ship and saw my crew leave via escape pods; I’m sure I heard one of them shout “Roast Turkey” as they left and with that I ejected from the ship in my pod. I gathered my senses, but it seems I wasn’t quick enough and suddenly I saw a bright flash of light and the brief pain of searing heat and I awoke in the medical bay of my home station! They had destroyed my pod too, I shouted a few choice words and curses at the loss of my body, but the medical staff looked the other way, I guess they are use to that kind of language!

Others in the fleet also lost ships during the battle and I quickly reconnected to the fleet comms channel to see what was happening. We all conversed for a while and tried to see what lessons could be learned, but all agreed that the Flight of the Osprey was a worthy adventure and should be something we should do again.

Our corp. director was so impressed with our efforts he even reimbursed each member who lost a ship, its good to be part of the brotherhood of Mirkur Draug’Tyr!

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