AAR: War on Amarr / XR03

Cruiser: ThoraxIt was that time of the week again to venture into Amarr space and punish those that would support or be involved in slavery. It was time for righteous retribution for all those slaves forced to bow to false gods and live a life of servitude.

Since our previous sortie’s into Amarr space involved flying small fast ships, which didn’t really cut it in low sec, our Fleet Commander (FC) decided to up the stakes and requested we arrive for the operation in cruiser sized hulls.

This was great, it had been a while since the crew had been in the Thorax and the hangar was abuzz with excitement and discussion about taking ‘rax for a spin.

The chief engineer did a great job fitting the ship with Tech 2 Heavy Blasters and made sure we were armour tanked as that’s the only way to roll in a ‘rax!

As the fleet formed we had a little trouble with logistics as the gate in our system was being camped by a large neutral gang, but after a while they dispersed and allowed our fleet member to bring in his ship and supplies.

We waited in the station and conversed over comms for a little while as our numbers were a little low, but time was passing us by so we had to commit to the operation with a reduced fleet.

  • 1 Thorax
  • 1 Rupture
  • 1 Arbitrator
  • 1 Stiletto

XR03 RouteIt was a small gang, but with three cruisers and an interceptor we were sure we could handle an encounter or two so our FC called for us to leave the station and proceed to our first way-point. The plan was to have a circular roam around low sec and see if we could find any Faction Warfare (FW), War Targets (WT) or just anyone who was on our Rules of Engagement (RoE).

The route would take us out of Minmatar space and into Amarr low sec areas some of which are contested so we were hoping that we would find some good targets on the way.

Naturally the Stiletto was our scout and he set off to the first way-point to check the gate and then the system on the other side. Nothing to report, we all headed out to the gate and then into Vard.

As we passed through each system scanning as we went. Low sec has a different mechanic than null sec since gates and stations are armed and will defend anyone who is being aggressed for the wrong reasons so we had to be careful. Unfortunately it was a very quiet and we saw very little in the way of valid targets and those that we did see either warped to a safe spot in the system or were docked in the local stations.

We did find a Myrmidon on scan and our scout did a fine job at trying to locate the ship, but again we were unsuccessful, it was going to be “one of those” operations where we can see the slavers in the local comms channels, but they were not willing to show their teeth and instead cower in a hidden corner of space. We continued on our way, but we were running of systems to check!

As we headed back to our starting point we managed to avoid a rather large Battle Cruiser gang that jumped into the system just as we landed on the gate. The FC called for a swift retreat to safe spots in the system and we all managed to get away without any trouble. The gang probably had other more important targets to get to and they quickly left the system at the alternate gate.

Vard Gate Mirkur GangWe reformed on the gate and exited the system and headed for home, this was also an uneventful journey so we docked up at the station and decided to hang around a while and chat. Even though we didn’t get any action it was still good to keep our skills honed and each operation gives us more experience of low sec areas. The slavers were lucky this time!

UKFist - We come for our people

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