Empire Logistics Report: ELR397

::: start transmission /// decryption sequence:~ [redacted] :::

Officer Name: [redacted]
Base Location: [redacted]
Week Ending: 16|07|[YC112]10

Greetings Ma’am, here is this weeks report.

Ice Planetary InteractionI’m pleased to report that our reformed planetary operations are finally proving to be profitable, we’ve had successful sales of many of our products and have even begun to explore the possibility of using better command centres as well as increasing the number of planets.

We have evaluated the local market and identified a clear “hole” that can be easily filled, as such, we have started manufacturing Tech 1 Frigates for both the local market and personal use. With any luck we will complete the manufacturing in time to capitalise on this area of the market. Please inform us if there are any specific hulls you like us to build otherwise we will begin manufacturing the “usual” order list.

We will be restarting mining operations next week as we are running low on basic materials, the timing of which has been good since I’ve been informed via intel channels that the hostilities related to “Hulkageddon” will be at an end.

The only other item to report is the freight run to Jita earlier in the week to both collect your Strategic Cruiser and associated sub-systems as well as some manufacturing supplies. We managed to get a very good deal on some rig materials, in fact we got so many that we actually placed some on the market and have already sold enough to cover the cost of the initial purchase.

Signing off, [name redacted]

::: end transmission :::

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