AAR: Spy and Sneak

Its been a tough decision to release this AAR due to the sensitive nature of the operation so you will have to excuse the vagueness of the content as most of the information is classified, I can’t even confirm the date when this operation was performed!

It was relatively late in the evening when myself and two other corp. members formed up to perform covert manoeuvres around our space. We wanted to both hone our probing skills, but also go and see what our enemies were doing in certain parts of our space.

Covert-ops: BuzzardThe obvious choice of ship for such an operation is a covert-ops vessel, and with three captains in the fleet we could cover a system very quickly.

I ordered my special op’s crew to prepare the Buzzard for departure and gave cursory details about what the operation was about so they could fit the ship accordingly. They were use to this kind of thing and really didn’t need to know all the details and on some level its better they didn’t know! The other captains made similar orders to their crews and our final ship tally was:

We departed the station and headed for a “safe” local system to perform our covert manoeuvres, we wanted to practice some of the manoeuvres first to be sure we were all ready for the main operation. We began by moving covertly to various parts of the solar system and then using the directional scanner looking for “targets” that we could then probe down.

The targets we actually alliance colleagues either performing logistics or cleaning the system of Sansha Complexes, Havens and Sanctums. They were unaware that we were doing this of course, but that’s the way it should be! After scanning down and covertly warping to each “target” we decided we were ready to move on to our main operation.

After a few gates and Jump Bridges we entered enemy space, the local comms. channel showed a few reds and war targets in the system, but we felt safe since we were invisible to their sensors, so we warped to safe spots in the system and began to scan down these real targets and perform reconnaissance of the area.

While I can’t report here what was found in the system all I can say is that certain assets of our enemies we identified and logged for future reference. We spent a good 40 minutes in each system scanning and logging data as well as watching enemy movements between systems.

This operation also gave us ample opportunity to record “safe” co-ordinates around gates and within systems as they would be invaluable in the future.

As I said before, this AAR is brief as many aspects of the operation are still classified, but we had an uneventful trip home (again, as it should be) and reported back our findings.

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