U’K Betrayal

Ushra'KhanIts a sad day for the mighty Ushra’Khan (U’K) as we face the stark reality of being disbanded by someone we trusted with our lives and hopes. It has been confirmed that a senior member of our holding corporation made back room deals with our enemies to “sell” the corporation for personal wealth and greed and resulted in the disbandment of one of the oldest alliances within New Eden.

With stranded crews and ships in stations I once called home I vow to commit any and all of my resources to reclaiming what is rightfully ours and to personally collect the corpse and bounty on the one that has betrayed U’K.

These may sound like small words from a low ranking member of U’K, but I’m part of the core U’K that have been betrayed and so my words will echo in wrecked hulls and scattered bodies of our enemies.

We come for our people, but we also come for those that betrayed this edict and we will not rest until their many cloned corpses are festering in cesspit’s where they belong!

We come for our people

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  1. We come for our people!
    Let’s get our space back

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