AAR: Battle for 9UY4-H (again! I)

The dust hasn’t even settled on the recent betrayal and we are already forming up to retake what is rightfully ours! Its true that the betrayal has hit us hard, all of us have assets and crews spread across Providence many of which are now inaccessible because our individual corporations are no longer able to dock at what were once our stations.

I was stranded deep in Providence and the ships that I had available were not ideal for what we were embarking on, plus the journey to our new base of operations was far and littered with dangers along the way. Fortunately I had a Jump Clone and crew in a low sec base that we set-up for our War on Amarr campaign, which was also relatively close to the new base of operations.

With the bulk of my assets in null sec I had to get into what ever ship I had available and fit it as quick as possible so I reshipped into a Drake Battle Cruiser and informed the chief engineer to fit it “gank” style as we needed a good amount of damage (DPS) as well as shield tanking if things got sticky!

This day saw the continuation of the battles in X-R3NM to remove Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) from the system as well as the start of taking back our crucial and historical station in 9UY4-H.

9UY4-H SBU Watch

We formed up and headed for the 4B-NQN gate to hold it while the Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBU) were anchored and came on-line. We expected some resistance but met none, three SBU’s were anchored and came online and that was enough for us to make the 9UY4-H station vulnerable to attack.

The Fleet commander (FC) called for us to reform at the friendly control tower in the system so our crews could have a brief respite and prepare for the next operation. Things look to be going well, but there was strange sense that this system was no longer ours and the stars and planets looked alien and foreign to me. Its strange how a quick turn of evens can make a system you know and love look like far off hostile territory.

After the brief respite the FC ordered we begin the attack on on the 9UY4-H station, Unity Station, this was a very strange feeling too, we were attacking the home of Ushra’Khan, our home!

9UY4-H Station DrakeI ordered my ship to warp to the station at optimal distance for the missile launchers and as soon as we were in range ordered commence fire on the target. My heart sunk a little, it would be easier if this was owned by CVA or other long time enemy because we would be liberating it for the cause, but we were now liberating it from those that betrayed us and betrayed the cause.

20:58:04 Combat Your group of Widowmaker Heavy Missile hits Unity Station, doing 1663.4 damage.

9UY4-H Unity Station & Planet

It took a while to damage the shields of the station, enough for it to enter reinforced mode, there was no resistance to our actions from the cowards that had assumed control. We only saw a few scouts and a the odd bewildered traveller who all left pretty quickly once they realised what was going on or to report back.

With the station in reinforced mode it was time to turn our attention to the Infrastructure Hub (iHub) as this was our next target. I ordered the con officer to plot a course provided by our FC and engage warp to optimal distance from the iHub.

9UY4-H Infrastructure HubAs soon as we landed on the structure I ordered target lock and commencement of firing. iHub’s are tough too, so it took a while to get the shields down to half capacity at which point our scouts reported a large Razor Alliance gang headed for 9UY4-H. Our FC ordered cease fire on the iHub and for us to warp to the 4B-NQN gate to defend the system.

We landed on the gate and waited for Razor to show up, it wasn’t too long before a fleet of approximately 81 ships comprising of Zealot’s, Guardian’s, Heavy Assault Cruisers and support jumped through the gate.

9UY4-H Razor TrapWe immediately began to fire on the targets called by our FC, but with the amount of ships in the system and around the gate there was an amazing amount of interference which meant our computer systems were struggling to lock or perform simple tasks such as changing targets! Some people in the fleet mentioned that this was a phenomenon called “lag”, I’d experienced this before but not on this scale.

Eventually this phenomenon became too much and we doing very little damage to the Razor fleet and same goes for them to us, so our FC called cease fire and we all reformed in the safe control tower. Our scout kept an eye on the Razor gang and reported that they were now fighting a gang from The Initiative Alliance and were tied up dealing with that.

We decided this would be good time to go finish off the iHub so the FC ordered us to warp to position and commence firing. The “lag” phenomenon seemed to permeate this entire system now and we struggled with our on-board systems to counter the effect. Eventually the iHub’s shields failed and it went into reinforced mode, the job was done for now!

22:48:25 Combat Your group of Widowmaker Heavy Missile hits Infrastructure Hub(Infrastructure Hub)[UNITY]~~, doing 1663.4 damage.

We all reformed in the safe control tower and discussed the situation, it seems there was an Interstellar Services Department (ISD) reporter on the field during all of this asking rather silly questions about who was fighting whom, which gave us all a light hearted feel to the proceedings and we laughed and joked. It was time for me and my crew to head back to our safe staging area as we had been fighting for a good five hours straight and we need to resupply the ship and rotate crews.

Others in the fleet were going to the R3-K7K system to further hit the CVA assets in that system, some of us may have to rest once in while, but we are many and will fight relentlessly to show our enemies there is no safe place in Providence for their kind.

We had an uneventful trip to our temporary new home, which gave me time to reflect on the last few days of this whole debacle. Some say it will be good for the corporations that were once in Ushra’Khan as it will allow us to reform and “cut dead weight” from the alliance, others think the loss of Ushra’Khan as an alliance name or ticker is the most upsetting.

For me I see this as a bit of both; a part of New Eden history has come to an end in one sense, the name Ushra’Khan is not just a name its an ideal, its a group of corporations that have agreed to fight for a common cause beyond that of personal kill statistics or gaining of wealth and notoriety. The Ushra’Khan name bound that together, but in reality its the corporations and the captains, directors, CEO’s and all their crews that make Ushra’Khan.

We can forge this relationship again under a new alliance name and with even more determination than before as we know that all of the applicants to new alliance will only apply because of those same ideals. We will fight and we will win, we kill not for glory but to show that we won’t sit by an let slavery and the dishonourable alliances, corporations or individuals that perpetrate such acts to go unpunished.

We come for our people!

We come for our people

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  1. “There was an amazing amount of interference which meant our computer systems were struggling to lock or perform simple tasks such as changing targets! Some people in the fleet mentioned that this was a phenomenon called “lag”, I’d experienced this before but not on this scale.”

    I think this might happen because our systems are locked into Concord’s systems and need to get authorisation for each individual action. For example this is what prevents us using certain weapons like bombs in higher security space.

    Perhaps when many ships are fighting in the same system, the local Concord network has trouble sending out the ‘ok’ signal fast enough. Just a guess.

    • Hmm yes Poreuomai, you could be right, I’m sure I heard on Intel somewhere that CONCORD are performing tests of a new telemetry and communications system on something called “SiSi”, but the data is sparse so wouldn’t want to speculate too much.

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