AAR: Battle for KBP7-G (I)

Not long after our last encounter my chief engineer had readied the new ship and organised the supplies and crew, he’s a good man I’d be lost without him! We were back in a Drake and fitted pretty much as before so no new modules to worry about. It was time to head for our high-sec entry system KBP7-G and hit another Infrastructure Hub (iHub), but this one was in its second reinforcement so was an important target.

We formed up and took the long journey through gates to the staging area, my con. officer noted how much of pain it is not to have our Jump Bridge network and there was muttered words of agreement on the bridge. I silenced the chatter and reminded them we will have it all back in due course, but we have much work ahead of us so get used to travelling via gates for the time being!

We had a seasoned Ushra’Kahn Fleet Commander (FC) taking charge of this operation and there was a sense of order in the fleet, we all were in good spirits and the loss of a vessel earlier that day was long forgotten. We had a job to do and we were here to do it.

KBP7-G Battle Fleet

As the fleet was being organised the scouts were reporting that another large Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and Hydra Alliance fleet were massing in nearby systems, so the FC decided we would go and punish them a little before we went to the iHub. We headed into the KBP7-G system and took positions.

We played a cat and mouse game with their fleet since it looked like they were setup for ranged attack so the FC did an excellent job at ensuring we warped to the correct locations and jump points to be both in range for our guns but just our of range for the enemy. This worked really well and we destroyed many in their fleet, including a few Machariel’s which amused both our FC and the rest of the fleet.

This didn’t last too long as the enemy realised they were out gunned by our fleet and outclassed by our FC, so we turned our attention to the main goals; first we needed to repair a Sovereignty Blockage Unit (SBU) in the system that had been attacked by the cowards of CVA and Hydra. This was a simple task and just involved the fleet “repping” the SBU back to full strength.

Once completed the FC ordered the support ships and Battle Cruisers to hold on the Dital gate and kill any hostiles that came through while the Battleships and larger vessels went to hit the iHub. As time went by there was very little action on the Dital gate so the FC ordered the Battle Cruisers to the iHub to assist in taking down its armour.

KBP7-G iHubThe group of Battle Cruisers warped to the iHub and began to hit the structure with everything we had. There is a lot of armour on a iHub and it was taking time to make headway. The CVA and Hydra fleet was nowhere to be seen and our gate support only reported and destroyed minor vessels.

A corp. colleague noted that my Faction Heavy Missiles were doing less damage compared to his Torpedoes. He was flying a Nemesis Stealth Bomber, which can fit Torpedo Launchers thus enabling more damage.

We joked and laughed a little over corp. comms. and it was good to have a light hearted jibe, but we soon realised that we were destroying an asset of our old alliance and again our hearts sank at the gravity of the current situation.

KBP7-G - iHub - Nemesis

Eventually we got the armour down far enough so that the iHub went into reinforced mode again, we had succeeded in our goal, it was time to rally and get back to our safe systems.

I checked my combat logs and found that I was involved in the destruction of 10 ships, including a Machariel and the my personal favourite the destruction of a Aralis’ (leader of the CVA) Harbinger, vengeance is sweet! As we headed home we landed on an unsuspecting Muninn and since he was part of Razor Alliance he was dispatched in short order too.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and we docked safely in our temporary stations, I ordered that the ship be resupplied and prepared for any new encounters, it was the only ship I had access to so needed to treat it with care. Never thought a Drake would become my refuge, but that’s New Eden!

We come for our people

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