AAR: Battle for MVCJ-E

It looks like we are making headway, we have many stations and system services either in reinforced mode or on the brink of failure. Its time to continue the struggle and take back everything we have lost.

We needed to go and hit the Infrastructure Hub (iHub) in MVCJ-E it had already been put into reinforced mode so was ripe for another bashing. This was a Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) system so taking it from them would be a boon for us.

I ordered the only ship available to be readied for action, there was very little to do as it was already fitted from the previous engagement. We formed up and headed for LF-2KP with an intention to jump through to MVCJ-E, but our scout reported a large CVA and Hydra Alliance fleet in the system so we headed for the K1I1-J system and held on the gate with plan to go around them.

LF-2KP Gate Camp

Suddenly the voice comms. between us and the Fleet Commander (FC) failed, we were flying blind and no-one knew what to do, we checked the fleet channel and saw a message from the FC saying “JUMP INTO K1I1-J”, like the fabled “lemmings” from a previous history we all jumped into the system.

As we entered we realised that the CVA and Hydra fleet had doubled back and were now in K1I1-J at sniping range, this was a bad situation, the comms were back but very intermittent. I heard the FC call to align to the sun, but at that moment my ship (gate) decloaked and I was primaried!

Within seconds my shields were failing and I heard the tactical officer shout we were losing armour, not good in a Caldari vessel, so I called for abandon ship as this was going to end very quickly. The crew hit the escape pods and I pulled the release on my capsule and with that I saw the ship explode around me.

I quickly regained my senses, losing a ship numbs the soul for a second or two, and quickly aligned and jumped to a planet. I heard the FC call for retreat to a safe control tower in the system, so I re-aligned and warped to the safe area. In a capsule and in hostile territory it was time to leave fleet and head back to safe space.

I manage to listen in on the rest of the battles by the fleet and they didn’t go well, they didn’t manage to hit the MVCJ-E iHub and they lost more ships in the process. I know its to be expected under the present situation, but its never good to lose ships to the enemy, but this time they were more organised than us.

I got a report that my crew made it safely back to our rally point and I began scouring the market to replace the lost ship and fittings to be ready for the next battle which was sure to be soon!

We come for our people

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