AAR: Battle for 9UY4-H (again! II)

This was going to be a long day, not only had we just destroyed an Infrastructure Hub (iHub) and control tower in KBP7-G, but it was time to hit the 9UY4-H station again and put it into the next reinforced mode.

My tactical officer came over to inform me that our ammunition supplies were low and that the local station didn’t have anything we could use. He worked out we had about seven reloads before we would run out, which may not be enough for both the station and anything we encounter.

The unscheduled attack on the Neh’bu Kau Beh’Hude control tower meant our supplies were low and resupply wasn’t possible, we had to make do with what we had and hope that nothing too overwhelming came our way.

XHQ-7V StationWe had the same Fleet Commander (FC) as the earlier operation and he promptly ordered a form-up outside the station. We then made our way up to 9UY4-H, there wasn’t many gates and jumps to 9UY4-H, but we still needed to keep our guard up. Our scouts made sure the way was clear and we entered 9UY4-H.

As soon as we were in the system the FC ordered we warp to the station and commence firing, I relayed the orders to my crew and we were under way.

As soon as we landed on the station the tactical officer locked the station and opened fire with all we had. I was aware of our ammunition shortage so requested updates from the tactical officer each time the launchers were reloaded, I didn’t want to be caught in a retaliation without any ammunition!

The second stage of taking down a station is as hard as the first, the station has an amazing amount of armour and we need to wear it down to a very low level before it goes back into reinforced mode. Like our previous operation there was no counter attack, it felt strange, but I assume Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) or Hyrda don’t see this phase of our campaign as important or were just to feeble in organising themselves for counter attack.

9UY4-H StationMy tactical officer called out that we were on our sixth reload of missiles, we only had one more reload left; he then noted the armour on the station was getting to a critical point and that we may actually manage to reinforce it and still have ammunition to spare!

We continued to fire at the station when eventually it entered reinforced mode, I called to the tactical officer for a ammunition count and he replied to say we had two missiles in each launcher and one full reload left.

I took a sigh of relief and slumped back in my chair. I ordered the con. officer to follow the directions given by the FC to get us out of 9UY4-H and head for our temporary home.

The trip back was predictably uneventful and we docked up in our home station, I set about making orders for missile supplies as I wasn’t sure when we would be called into action again!

We come for our people

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