AAR: Battle for KBP7-G (II)

With the number of “Call to Arms” (CTA) we are having it only seems moments ago since we were in KBP7-G hitting the Infrastructure Hub (iHub), well today we were back there to finish it off!

I informed the station manager that we would require departure clearance and ordered my chief engineer to ready the ship. There was very little for him to do because my area of the station hangar is pretty low on ships at the moment.

This operation was again being lead by our very experienced Ushra’Khan Fleet Commander (FC), so we were in good hands, he ordered us to form-up and head for the target system. We had an uneventful trip there and were hoping for some resistance on the way. We landed in the KBP7-G system and headed for the Dital gate to form a “gate camp” as we still expected resistance, but again the cowards of CVA and Hydra didn’t show.

KBP7-G Dital Gate Camp

The timer on the iHub was expiring, it was time to go and destroy it and take us a step further to reclaiming this important system. I ordered the con. officer to warp to the iHub at optimal distance for our missile launchers and informed the tactical officer to lock and commence firing as soon as we were in range.

As before, these structures can take a huge amount of damage and with all the Battle Ships and Battle Cruisers in the fleet it was going to take some time to reduce it to a pile of rubble. Our scouts were reporting only a few enemy targets passing in local systems and it definitely looked like we would not be seeing any counter offensive to our actions.

KBP7-G iHub (II)

After a while the armour on the iHub failed and we were eating through the structure until eventually it exploded and our job was done. It was time to move out of the system, suddenly one of our scouts reported that a control tower of the Ushra’Kahn holding corporation Neh’bu Kau Beh’Hude (NKB) was off-line and vulnerable.

Not only do we have to destroy what was our own infrastructure and stations, but we now needed to destroy assets of a venerated Ushra’Khan corporation less they fall into the wrong hands. The FC ordered the fleet to warp to the control tower and begin attacking it, this felt wrong, but was necessary.

KBP7-G NKB POS ExplosionOnce within range I ordered target lock and commencement of firing on the tower, this wasn’t part of our agreed battle plan and was unexpected as a target.

As with any large structure, it takes time to wear down its inherent shields and then armour before the structure is compromised. In normal circumstances we would only be able to get the shields down before it went into reinforced mode, but this tower was off-line so could be destroyed relatively easily.

Our scouts reported a bomber squad in the system, it looks like our extended stay here may draw some attention finally. We were ready for a bomber strike and our FC was prepared for any feeble attack they could make, but as before none materialised!

Eventually the control tower exploded in a ball of fire, it was another sad day and loss of a old Ushra’Khan asset. With that the FC ordered we evacuate the area and forum-up in a nearby safe system to re-supply our fleet and take a brief respite before our next operation.

We come for our people

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