AAR: Battle for 9UY4-H (again! III)

After my recent trip planet side and missing taking back of KBP7-G I was both excited and eager to join my brothers and sisters in taking back UNITY Station in 9UY4-H. We again expected a good counter offensive by our enemies so agreed to forum-up early in 9UY4-H to be ready for the onslaught.

This station is steeped in history for Ushra’Khan, we built it and it was our home, but we were defeated by Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and so began a two year struggle to reclaim the station. We have only been back in the station a few months when the treacherous director of our executor corporation betrayed us and so we lost the station again.

Raven BattleshipToday is the day we take back 9UY4-H and what is rightfully ours! Expecting the worst and wanting to be prepared I ordered the Raven be made ready and supplied as well as making sure my best crew was drafted to man the ship. I generally don’t like large vessels like this, my skills are more suited to small hulled vessels, as they can be unwieldy and require a bit more patience than I’m used too.

With the ship ready it was time to head for the the rally point and begin this operation. The comms officer informed me that the route had been scouted and was surprisingly clear of hostiles. This information was correct and each system on the way was either empty or contained allies or friends.

We had scouts all over the constellation to report any spikes of enemy activity so we felt safe to begin the operation. The Fleet Commander (FC) ordered we align and warp to the station at our optimal distances. The con officer followed the command and I ordered the tactical officer to lock and commence firing on the station as soon as we were in range.

9UY4-H Station Part 3There was a sense of déjà vu, we had been here and done this a few times now, but we are so close to completing a major goal in our campaign I didn’t have a sense of woe just the opposite, a sense of pride that we would be back in our home once more.

Our scouts reported a fleet of fifty neutral frigates in the area, all seemed to part of empire corporations or in corporations that had no affiliation with our enemies. The FC ordered our support ships to go investigate and destroy them if possible. They didn’t last long and a few were destroyed and the others simply ran from the system.

We continued to fire on the station expecting a counter attack or some sort of response from our enemies, but none came, clearly they don’t see how tactically beneficial this system is to us and for that they will soon realise the error of their ways.

Eventually the station was defeated and we again gained control of our home, it was a good feeling, but we hadn’t finished yet, we needed to destroy the Territorial Claim Unit (TCU) to to take the system and ensure this space truly belonged to us once more.

9UY4-H Territorial Claim UnitThe FC ordered we warp to the TCU at our optimal distances and again commence firing as soon as we were in range. The TCU shouldn’t take to long to destroy in like other sovereignty structures and with the amount of fire power we had in the system this was proved to be true.

A corp. colleague noted how sad it was to see the Ushra’Khan “fist” being displayed in the TCU and to be firing at the structure. I paused a moment and reflected how things have changed in the space of a seven days and where we were around the same time last week. It was a sad event, but also we were starting something new, but with our core values intact; something that cannot be destroyed.

We had no resistance to our actions and the TCU exploded in a ball of fire, our task was complete, it was time to dock up in the station and go see my crew that had been essentially trapped there for the last seven days. We were home!

We come for our people

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