AAR: Battle for KBP7-G (III)

Ushra'KhanUnfortunately I had to be planet side when it was time to go and hit the KBP7-G station and take control away from our old alliance. I had a brief chat in the corp. comms. channel to wish everyone good luck and do some serious damage to the enemy if they dared to show up.

As I’ve said before, the KBP7-G system is very important to us as its our gateway to the higher security areas of New Eden. Regaining the system and station will be a big boon and good for morale. Being planet side I was out of comms range so wasn’t able to follow the operation directly, but I’ve scoured the intel channels and compiled a summary of what happened.

The fleet was called early and everyone formed up in KBP7-G to ensure that maximum numbers were in the system as soon as possible. The was sporadic jumps into the system by our enemies during the form-up, but these were dealt with in a orderly fashion and dispatched quickly.

The Against All Authorities Alliance (-A-) arrived to help take the system and provide “lock down” support of the surrounding systems. Everyone knew this was an important system and we were not going to leave it to chance. The heavy damage dealing vessels all began to attack the station and tear through its armour to then hit it’s structure.

There were many large enemy fleets in the system, but the “lag” phenomenon was again causing issues with tactical displays and computer systems so there were very few confirmed kills and losses. We did manage to take the station and also destroy the Territorial Claim Unit and so conquering the system.

So good news all round really, the only other piece of intel I found was a video feed of our allies, Agony Unleashed performing a “smartbomb” tactic on an unsuspecting Razor Alliance fleet. as you will see, Razor didn’t really have much chance and clearly should have stayed in their stations instead of trying to get to KBP7-G.

We come for our people

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