AAR: Battle for 9UY4-H (again! I)

9UY4-H SBU Protection

The dust hasn’t even settled on the recent betrayal and we are already forming up to retake what is rightfully ours! Its true that the betrayal has hit us hard, all of us have assets and crews spread across Providence many of which are now inaccessible because our individual corporations are no longer able to dock at what were once our stations. Continue reading

U’K Betrayal


Its a sad day for the mighty Ushra’Khan (U’K) as we face the stark reality of being disbanded by someone we trusted with our lives and hopes. It has been confirmed that a senior member of our holding corporation made back room deals with our enemies to “sell” the corporation for personal wealth and greed and resulted in the disbandment of one of the oldest alliances within New Eden. Continue reading