The reformation

Time has come for our reformation. We are Damu’Khonde.

Ushra'KhanIts been a couple of weeks since we were betrayed by one of our own and in that time we have recaptured KBP7-G as well as our home station in 9UY4-H. Both these victories showed an unparalleled UNITY and commitment by all the disbanded corporations of the former Ushra’Khan alliance and shouted to all Providence that we are stronger than just the name!

The betrayal meant each corporation was cast to the wind unless we all banded together again under one flag, it was fortunate that we have some excellent allies in Providence and it wasn’t long before Circle of Two (Co2) came to our assistance and provided us with refuge in our hour of need.

We owe huge debt of gratitude to Co2, which has been expressed in a communiqué by a long standing a trusted member of our alliance; its with great honour I convey the same sentiment to Co2 for their help.

Through all of this our leaders and councillors have been working in the background to reform our corporations under a new banner and with renewed vigour and strength. It was agreed by many members on all levels that the new alliance would be called Damu’Khonde (D’K) translates as “The Bloody Fist”, which we raise to the show our defiance!

Damu’Khonde is the new Ushra’Khan, and we retain our core beliefs – the fight against slavery and oppression. However, we were betrayed by one we trusted. So now, we trust no-one. There is no such thing as ‘neutral’ in our eyes. Either you fight with us, or you are against us. We are not the good guys. We are the force that will crush empires who dare to oppress others, by any means necessary.

With this we had our goal, our leadership, our purpose; all of Providence and beyond would soon tremble with fear or rally alongside us to join our cause, we are Damu’Khonde.

Eventually the snake decided to publicly announce his reasons for his betrayal of Ushra’Khan and all those that trusted him. His role in this, as he would have us believe, was directed by the Surveillance Division of the Caldari Navy. As a Caldari myself this came as a bit of a surprise and with a bitter taste too, he was both an Ushra’Khan and Caldari brother.

His monologue of events all seem very plausible and I’m sure he feels he has served the Caldari State well in his endeavour, but he has also betrayed his own identity in revealing so much. Lie or not he will now be hunted not only by Damu’Khonde, but those in the Caldari State that either want him dead for revealing his true identity or for embroiling the State in matters the have little or no concern about.

He is truly a wanted man.

The only redeeming factor in all of this sorry mess is that he has now handed back control of Ushra’Khan and assets to the rightful CEO of Neh’bu Kau Beh’Hude, this means Ushra’Khan is again in safe hands and away from any that would defile its history and honour. The CEO is transferring sovereignty and assets to D’K to enable us to continue our struggle and secure Providence under our new name.

As with any new alliance there needs to be a time to acclimate to the new order and our new goals, but we have shown over the last few weeks that no matter the adversity or strife we are able to come together as one. Unity is our strength and it is unity that binds all of D’K togther.

We come for our people

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