AAR: Tempered Diplomacy

With all the furore in recent weeks and numerous call to arms (CTA) our diplomats and leaders have been working tirelessly to secure peace with our neighbours and ensure non-aggression pacts (NAP) and non-invasion pacts (NIP) are upheld by all sides.

As you can imagine this is no easy task as many alliances want to claim or secure the most profitable or strategic parts of Providence. At present there is a diplomatic issue with our Daisho Syndicate (DAI) neighbours near the KBP7-G solar system that requires both a delicate hand as well as some patience to resolve.

When we were betrayed some weeks ago, DAI came to our aid by securing and defending KBP7-G and graciously installed Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBU) and subsequently a Territorial Claim Unit (TCU), which was never “onlined”, to take back the system for us.

From my understanding we requested the removal of the TCU, which DAI have either failed or refused to do, I wouldn’t like to speculate, but subsequently it was now time for us to act and remove it ourselves. As a low ranking member of the alliance I do as I’m told and let the diplomats and leaders deal with the consequences.

KBP7-G Daisho Syndicate TCUWe formed up in KBP7-G. I made the decision to use the Manticorefor the operation as the fire power of its Torpedo launchers would make short work of the TCU. My chief engineer was way ahead of me and had already readied the ship and my second in command was giving orders to the crew well before I was on the command deck.

An off-line TCU shouldn’t take too long to destroy so our Fleet Commander (FC) called for everyone to warp to the agreed location and commence firing on the structure.

We had a little minor resistance to our actions in the shape of a bomb or two which destroyed drones or damaged shields, but nothing of real consequence, so we continued to hit the TCU all the while check for any response from DAI.

It wasn’t long before the TCU exploded in a ball of fire and shrapnel, our task was complete, but I’m sure this wont be the last we hear of this.

We come for our people

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