Strategic deliverance

After an arduous training rĂ©gime and endless books, manuals and datapads I’ve finally achieved my Strategic Cruiser pilot license! This is a major milestone for me as gaining the skills need to fly a Tengu opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of offensive, defensive and logistical ships.

Astroyka's Tengu

As soon as I gained the license I ordered my chief engineer to configure the ship with stealth sub-systems and a good armament of Tech 2 Heavy Missile Launchers so we could take it for a quick spin around the solar system. It wasn’t long before the ship was configured, manned and ready for launch, and the entire crew was giddy with anticipation of its inaugural flight.

As soon as my capsule was connected there was a rush of data flooding into my mind and my skin tingled with the sensation of the interfacing. This was no ordinary ship, it seemed to require more control and integration that I’m used to and I can understand why losing such a vessel would be detrimental to my synapses!

After regaining my composure, I ordered we undock and plot a few way points around the local system, nothing too elaborate, just a brief jaunt between planets. As soon as we were out of range of the station we entered stealth mode; In my mind I giggled to myself, “Cloaked in a cruiser sized vessel, this will make for some interesting fights!”.

All of the ships primary functions seemed in order, the only thing we didn’t get to test was its offensive and defensive capabilities, we will have to save those for another test flight. We redocked the ship and I requested the flight data be transmitted to my personal database for review later, I can see this ship being a great addition to the fleet!

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