Time for R & R

Mirkur Draug'Tyr [KHAI]

The last few weeks have certainly taken their toll and what with recent events with Pandemic Legion (PL) time has been short and so is my logging of the events! To bring you up to speed, we are currently at war with many factions and alliances all looking to either topple our close ally Against ALL Authorities (-A-) or make opportunistic strikes to gain more space. Continue reading

Empire Logistics Report: ELR401

Coolant Plant

We successfully took delivery of the equipment for your next business venture and can confirm everything you agreed was in the contract. We did some calculations and you got a really amazing deal for the equipment and the end product should also sell really well! We managed to secure some additional blueprints to add to our stock and I will add them to the inventory, which I will send separately. Continue reading