AAR: Securing KA6D-K

Stealth Bomber: NemesisIt was around 1900 hours and I was already in the Nemesis flying around KBP7-G, cloaked of course, checking out what Daisho Syndicate (Daisho) were doing as well as chatting over corp. comms about the up coming operation.

To give you a bit of background; the intel channels have been buzzing with the recent events with Atlas Alliance (Atlas) and Pandemic Legion (PL), and this weekend PL turned their attention to any allies of Atlas, which includes us!

We are used to having our backs against the wall, in fact some would say that we thrive in such situations, so it was no real surprise when PL came knocking at the KBP7-G door.

First things first, we had an operation to attend, and needed to get to KA6D-K to hit an Atlas station to deny any potential enemies taking it and gaining a foothold in Providence. Our Fleet Commander (FC) requested that we all attend in Stealth Bombers to add “DPS” as quickly as possible.

About 20 of us eventually formed up and the FC called for a volunteer to be forward scout; me and my crew had already set the way-points to our destination and were monitoring the outbound gate so we seemed the ideal choice. I volunteered us to be the forward scout and began to relay intel.

We hadn’t gone very far before we ran into a Agony Unleashed gang on the 9UY4-H gate in 4B-NQN. I had a tactical near the outbound gate, but as I arrived my cloak was dropped by a Taranis close by. I don’t think he expected that and I quickly sounded the general alarm to over heat the microwarp drive and burn away at the same time ordered us to re-cloak as soon as possible.

It worked! We were safe, I reported the gang composition to the FC and a fellow scout warped to the gate to give the fleet a new warp in position. All of this meant I was out of range of the gate for an easy warp, so I ordered my con officer to warp to a nearby planet and then reverse our trajectory and head back.

On returning I saw our friends and allies, Circle of Two, engaging the Agony gang, we didn’t wait around and the fleet quickly jumped into 9UY. The FC called for people to dock at the station if needed for a brief respite or to re-ship. Me and my crew were fine, so we decided to head for the outbound gate and recommence our scouting orders.

Eventually the fleet got under way again and we had an uneventful journey to the KA6D-K system. On arrival our FC advised us that this would be a joint operation with Against All Authorities (-A-) and that there would be many “neutral” vessels on the field and we were here to hit the station only. He went on to say that if anyone was targeted they should warp off immediately.

Unfortunately one of our fleet wasn’t lucky and was destroyed by friendly fire, but this action was quickly dealt with by the -A- FC which ended with the destruction of the pilots ship that did not obey orders. Rough justice maybe, but that’s the way to deal with insubordination.

KA6D-K: NemesisIt didn’t take us too long to reduce the armour on the station as there was an impressive fleet of capitals and super capitals on the field. We did our part and to ensure we didn’t get into any more trouble the FC ordered we set a course back to KBP7-G. I was already ahead of the fleet scouting our home route when the FC called a halt and hold position.

PL and The Initiative. suddenly jumped into KA6D-K and engaged the -A- fleet! We held position to determine what we should do. Our fleet of bombers were not really up to the task of handling a PL fleet of that size.

Our FC decided we should head back to KBP7-G and gave orders to the fleet. Meanwhile me and my crew were already scouting the way home, which was uneventful except for a lone Reaper and Purifier that we dispatched in short order.

We arrived back in KBP7-G to find Daisho “camping” the Dital gate, our FC discussed the options to go and break up the camp, but it was time for me and my crew to be elsewhere so we declined the offer.

Even though the operation was simple there was a lot going on, I checked the intel reports to find out what happened with the PL and -A- fleets to read that they lost some rather large ships against an impressive fleet.

Interesting times ahead for Providence?

We come for our people

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