Time for R & R

The last few weeks have certainly taken their toll and what with recent events with Pandemic Legion (PL) time has been short and so is my logging of the events!

To bring you up to speed, we are currently at war with many factions and alliances all looking to either topple our close ally Against ALL Authorities (-A-) or make opportunistic strikes to gain more space. Some of the attackers are honourable in their own mercenary way, but others are back stabbing traitors and will be taught a severe lesson in the art of null sec warfare.

It all started with the fall of Atlas Alliance (Altlas) a few weeks ago at the hands of PL, which was rather quick as the Atlas leadership was either planet-side or burnt-out. Our alliance watch this from afar and offered support if needed, but the end came too quickly for anyone to help so we sat back and watched the aftermath.

It wasn’t long before our alliance came to the attention of PL and they struck us where they thought it would hurt us the most, our Capital Ship Construction facilities. We heard intel that this was their tactic to deny us any further capital ships and also as retribution regarding a diplomatic issue with a member of our alliance. We were not fooled by this, we knew that they had bigger plans.

Bigger plans indeed; its now the aim of PL to strike at -A- and try and take down the alliance in a similar manner as they did with Atlas. This won’t be as easy, there are many Providence alliances that are rallying to help -A- with us being one of them. It is not out of any sense of debt that we rally to -A- since they were instrumental in helping us defeat CVA so swiftly, but instead its about honour!

We have a huge amount of respect for the -A- alliance and we would be remiss to allow such and entity to fail without assisting them at their time of need.

So we are at war, not only with PL but some of the largest alliances in all of New Eden, including The Initiative and IT Alliance. The outcome of the war is not clear and we may lose much if not all of our space, but we are not defined by the space we hold, instead we are defined by our actions as warriors and as honourable men and women!

Our alliance leaders and council have carved our future and we as loyal members will gladly follow their lead into the fiery oblivion if needed, but we know that the next few weeks will see the resurgence of the core values of Ushra’Khan living and breathing under the banner of Damu’Khonde!

Granted we have lost our high-sec entry system, KBP7-G, but this matters not and in-fact it has spurred many into action and strengthened our resolve.

So, even though this is probably not the best time to take some rest and relaxation I doubt there will ever be, so I better get in my shuttle and head planet side and be back as soon as possible to wreak havoc on those that wish to do us and our friends harm.

Flay safe warriors and skin a few invaders for me!

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