Return to duty

I returned to active duty a few days ago after some long needed rest and relaxation. It was good to be planet side for a little while and forget about the politics of New Eden, but it couldn’t last, I needed to get back into space and fight for our cause or defend what is ours.

Trying to catchup on recent events hasn’t been too hard, not much has happened while I was away. Reading the battle reports and logs, there has been some good fights and we have been defending our space very well whilst either outnumbered or out gunned. I’ve also read that Daisho Syndicate, Sodalitas XX and Dara Cothrom have established a coalition to try and take providence away from us, which will make roaming around our space a bit more fun.

Speaking of Daisho Syndicate and Sodalitas XX, we declared war against them this week, obviously I’m sure they saw this coming and I’m sure they know the reasons for the war as well. Will be great to have some war targets again, seems such a long time since we had a true enemy that needed a war declaration.

This weekend also saw the anniversary of my one year membership with Mirkur Draug’Tyr, how time flies, only seems yesterday that I was running from certain authorities and needed the refuge of Mirkur and Ushra’Khan! At lot has happened in that time too, but I will leave the summation of that until the end of the calendar year!

I would like to renew my words of support and dedication to Mirkur and thank the management and directors for both welcoming me to the corporation over a year ago and the trust they have show me during my membership.

We have lost a good few corp. members recently, many have moved into Empire to find riches or a new path, others have left to join more specialised corps. Its always sad when we lose members, but they never really go that far. In fact a certain member who left a couple of months ago (who shall remain nameless) confided in me that he his thinking about returning to our corp. soon, which will be a great boon for us and our future!

So, that’s about all I can report without setting off alarms or giving Intel away to our enemies, suffice to say I’m back and ready to do some damage!

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