Simulcast: The Wildlands & Beyond

This is the voice of the Ushra’Khan. Heed our words. As I speak to you here, my brothers speak with me across the span of light years.

We speak in unison, a multitude of voices bearing one, singular message across scores of solar systems. We invite you to share in this moment with us.

We are an organisation dedicated to the pursuit of one, single goal; the eradication of slavery throughout New Eden.

It is a goal that has over the years earned us fame and notoriety in equal measure, our methods decried by some and admired by others.

We have known criticism, and been humbled by the hand of fate as well. But today we stand before you unrepentant.

We are the Ushra’Khan, and our resolve is unbroken, our goals unchanged. Despite all that befalls us, we shall continue in our mission.

Our ideals remain unrealised, and it is towards their fulfilment that we strive. Providence has been left behind us, its control given over to the coalition that was created in place of the former slaver dominance over the region.

It is our hope that these Capsuleer alliances can together maintain the promise of a liberated future for its populace.

For our own part, we have returned in body, name and spirit to live among free Matari in the Great Wildands region.

Travelling with us, the multitude of slaves liberated in Providence who chose to journey here and live with their Thukker cousins and brethren in our Elders’ sanctuaries.

There we seek to reconcile with our estranged brothers living among the tribal lands. Our past grievances with the former pro-appeasement government of the Minmatar Republic may now be reconciled.

As the Elders have brought home many of the Starkmanir and Nefantar tribes, we ever aspire to continue that work and to return ourselves from distant lands to be among our people.

Perhaps now our years apart might begin to draw to a close. It is to that end that we have adopted an ‘NRDS’ engagement policy within the Great Wildlands, and hope to find common ground with its residents.

We do not demand that our friends follow our lead in their affairs, but do not suffer others to dictate ours. It is to our disappointment that we find ourselves confronted with standings enclosurism present in the region.

Time and again we have been confronted by those who demand we follow their policies, befriend their friend and reject their rival. We reject this notion.

We are free pilots and exercise our right to make our own choices in pursuit of our cause; and to defend the rights of others to make those same choices.

We shall not validate a system that denies this. It is one thing to seek order in life, it is quite another to impose it upon others.

We find this attitude present within the space lanes of the Thukker’s great caravans to be a great disappointment, and an unwelcome reminder of the laws laid down in former Amarrian Providence under ‘Operation Deliverance’.

Mark these words, Capsuleers of the Wildlands. We come not to threaten you or to impose change upon you. This is no invasion, and these words are no ultimatum. We come simply to live among our people.

We have no quarrel with you, if you have none with us. How you choose to receive us is your choice to make.

We shall continue to operate ‘NRDS’ within the region, if you choose to make yourselves an enemy, so be it. It shall be your choice.

But the Wildlands are not the full scope of our vision, far from it. Our mission shall continue to take us beyond the borders of Tribal lands on a daily basis.

We look upon Amarr, and see evil at work. We see an Imperial regime that enslaves and exploits entire cultures, a regime that mounts a self-proclaimed ‘holy’ crusade upon its neighbours.

Although the Starkmanir & Nefantar are in part returned to liberty, many billions remain behind in the Ammatar Mandate under the governorship of an Amarrian ‘Royal Holder’, the house Ardishapur.

In the aftermath of the Elder War the remaining populace of the Mandate has been subjected to an intensified cultural subversion, as propaganda is interwoven into society under the guise of ‘aid & reconstruction’.

The mass-construction of so-called Faith schools, Cathedrals and the replacement of great swathes of upper government and military posts previously held by Ammatar with ‘True’ Amarrians.

Look closely, the Ammatar have been reigned in, their leash is tightening under the pretence of post-war redevelopment.

A great undertaking remains before us. As the free Tribes begin at last to raise themselves higher than ever before, the Amarr seek to bring those still left behind ever closer to their knees.

We must not forget those people, and we must act for their salvation, not by a so-called god, but by the hands of their brothers.

We remember them. And every action we take is but one more taken in the long war to win their freedom. To fight for their right to choose for themselves, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

We are the Ushra’Khan. We come for our people.

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