The RE-AL Situation

We have not been in the Great Wildlands area for long, but we have already run into a spot of diplomatic bother. Essentially we came to the Great Wildlands area to rest and recuperate from our long campaigns in Providence, many of us are tired and weary and simply wished to explore the area and make new friends and allies.

The alliance of capsuleers that seem to “rule” the area are called Republic Alliance (RE-AL), whether they have a mandate from the Thukker’s to manage/secure the area is debatable, but never the less they are seen as the dominant force.

Before we entered the Great Wildlands our diplomats contacted RE-AL to discuss mutual standings and possible allied relations since they seemed to have similar beliefs to Ushra’Khan (U’K). The negotiations went well and as we moved into the area it was nice to see blues in space giving us a sense of security and belonging.

This wasn’t to last though, a particular diplomat, Nykitah, of RE-AL began to make certain demands on U’K pertaining to our relationships with residents of the area. As you know, “standings” are way for our ship-board systems to identify which are friendly, neutral or enemy vessels flying through space. These standings are vital to all capsuleers as we can quickly identify if we are in a blue, red or neutral area of space and then adjust our travel/tactics accordingly.

Nykitah wanted U’K to match the standings of RE-AL so that their enemies were now our enemies! As you can imagine, this isn’t the U’K way. We have no quarrel with corporations or alliances in the area unless they are of course dealing, supporting or condoning slavery, in which case we would naturally set them red as we see fit or when a neutral aggress us without provocation.

Blindly setting alliances or corporations red based on another groups reasons means we are assuming those entities are against our beliefs or have wronged us in some way, even though we have never met them or fought with them, clearly this isn’t the way to do diplomacy! By forcing us to follow another alliances standings also means we are subservient to them, and as you know we don’t do subservience, we leave that kind of thing to the likes of Curatores Veritatis Alliance.

Since we won’t match RE-AL’s standings we have put ourselves in a bit of a sticky situation, diplomatically speaking, since they are still the presumed dominant force in the area we now have a group of corporations looking at us as the ones being unreasonable. The truth of the matter is that Nykitah has doctored logs and records to make us look even worse so yet again U’K are the bad guys and seen as a pirate organisation.

There are two fundamental Rules of Engagement (RoE) within New Eden, which fall between, NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) and NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot). U’K is a NRDS organisation, especially in the Great Wildlands, this is a fact. We also operate NBSI in certain areas of New Eden since we are fighting to free enslaved brothers and sisters, as such we have to have more that one RoE to facilitate the eradication of slavery.

While I agree this duality to the untrained seems madness and some what hypocritical or even convenient, but let me assure you, no-one in U’K will shoot at a neutral vessel in Great Wildlands without first being provoked or has been categorically identified as a slaver (or supporter). This duality is also difficult for the brave men and women of U’K since we always need give the benefit of doubt to any neutral vessel in a system, and will openly avoid or even retreat to ensure the neutral does not feel threatened.

It is true that we have allied ourselves with what RE-AL believes are pirate organisations, Veritas Immortalis (-V-) et. Al., who operate a NBSI policy in Great Wildlands. Now some may think this is a terrible contradiction of U’K’s values and beliefs, but those people need to realise is U’K does not require allies to follow the same standings that U’K sets and vice versa. A blue vessel to U’K may very well be a red vessel to an ally, so its down to diplomacy to resolve the conflict.

So, the upshot of all this is that U’K and RE-AL are now mutually red, its not the ideal outcome obviously, especially since we are so new to the area and are trying to build relationships with the residents, but we are where we are.

There has been some backlash in the Intergalactic Summit regarding the message we broadcast throughout New Eden and reading through the transcripts it looks like many pilots in RE-AL have no love for the present situation and have openly admitted that certain members of RE-AL are to blame!

It looks like this matter will be resolved with auto-cannon fire and assault missiles, who will win is anyone guess, but I can say with utmost authority that U’K will stick to its RoE and those that are neutral to U’K will be free to travel in the Great Wildlands so long as you are not allied, affiliated or profiting from the slave trade or you do not agress a U’K vessels.

Time to get back in space.

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  1. Blimy it’s all kicking off again. If U’k or mirkur ever need my guns let me know and i will be there!

    No charge of course :p


    • Good to hear! Well nothing is ever simple is it, but we try our best keep things civil! Would be nice to see you back around our way, feel free to drop by.

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