The loss of a comrade and friend

17/01/YC113 marks a sad day for the friends and family of Poreuomai (Zack) and for Mirkur Draug’Tyr.

Poreuomai has been ill for quite some time and his battle with cancer was a roller coaster of good days and bad, but he always looked to the future and had a positive outlook for anything that may come his way, good or bad.

With our deepest sympathy and heartfelt remorse we know Poreuomai can now rest in peace; you will be sorely missed and we shall remember you always in our hearts and thoughts.

Poreuomai (Zack)

To everyone who knew Zack, I send you my condolences and sympathies during this difficult time.
Zack: 05/09/69 to 17/01/2011

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  1. There will be a Tribute to Poreuomai held by his New Eden friends and comrades:

    Sunday 30th January YC113
    Time: 20:30
    Location: Pator
    Ships: Any (non-combat)

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