A tribute to Poreuomai

Poreuomai (Zack)We formed up in Kasrasi to head for Pator as a fleet; we had already notified many of Poreuomai’s friends and comrades who were en-route to Pator so there was not many in our fleet. We stuck to high security systems, both to avoid trouble and to take the scenic route.

By the time we got to Pator our fleet had swollen to over 50 people and Pator it’s self was filling up with pilots from all corners of New Eden, we formed-up at Planet IV, the home world of Minmatar. This was a sight to behold; all these pilots coming to honour Poreuomai and to give him the best send off New Eden as ever seen.

There was plenty of local comm chatter, pilots were greeting each other, old friends catching up and the usual capsuleer banter. There was even a few old enemies within the group who put aside disputes to share in this moment for our mutual friend. In all; the group was good natured and it was a joy to see so many at the Matar home world.

After a short time Ugleb, the Ushra’Khan appointed speaker, arrived and announced the ceremony would be starting shortly. We all began to settle down to hear the speech and turn to look at the planet before us.

Capsuleers! I welcome you all to this gathering, here above the skies of Matar itself. Please, if you have not already done so join us in orbit of the 4th planet, homeworld of the Minmatar people. This world beneath us has known both greatness and tragedy, its history we Minmatar hold dear to our hearts, while its ill fortunes grieve us to this day.

We are a people steeped in tradition, customs and diversity. Each Tribe and Clan has its own history and unique ways, truths that we each share and our lives are defined by. It is those times in life where we turn away from those truths that we begin to lose sight of who we truly are, what we truly want or where our lives should lead us. The Minmatar know this, or at least, we should.

The plight of our race is well known. When the skies of our home worlds darkened and the slavers in their mighty vessels descended upon us, our civilisation was brought to the very brink of the abyss. Our beliefs were forbidden, our traditions scorned and our elders put to the sword. Our very culture was threatened, and has lain gravely wounded ever since.

The Minmatar spirit did survive, albeit sorely wounded. In time we rose again, and the Republic emerged from the ashes of our once proud race. Since then however, we have struggled with our identity. With our society torn down and after so many years of oppression, who was left that could truly remember what it was to be a Minmatar?

It is the work of generations to regain what was lost, to reforge our identity, to reconnect with our personal truths. This is the calling that one of our own has chosen to dedicate his life to. Poreuomai, an honoured member of our ranks has decided to leave the pod behind and to return from the stars to the earth now below us.

Poreuomai has been a well known figure among Minmatar Capsuleers, in Matari politics and to the freedom movement. With his years of experience earned from flying among us now behind him, he returns to walk among the people he has pledged to serve.

Ours is a race that strives to recover what was taken from us. Our comrade and friend Poreuomai has chosen to dedicate himself to helping our peoples healing, to teach the lessons he learned, to help revive our lost heritage. We have been a lost and wounded people, our society conflicted between rediscovering our stolen past and the demands of the modern age.

It is Poreuomai’s mission to aide in that healing process, to help our people reconnect with lost identity and to so strengthen our society. It is a noble pursuit, one that may take him from world to world, working with all from the common man to politicians in high office. Perhaps in time he might even find his road lead him to a position in office.

We the Ushra’Khan have long called for political reforms both domestic and foreign, from Republic policy and CONCORD’s international law. But all of this is done for one singular purpose; to improve the lot of the common man. Be he free today, or one of the many as yet unliberatred.

It is Poreuomai’s duty now to work directly with the people we all seek to serve, and it is in celebration of that purpose and contribution that we are gathered in salute and celebration. This is a man who has not turned from the truths in his life, this is a man who knows his self. Our people have need of men like this. Our best wishes go with you my friend.

I hand over proceedings now to Neridhah Tanz, for a special announcement.

Pator - Planet IVThis was a heartfelt speech, but it was interrupted at the beginning by Amarr loyalists who decided to warp to our position and discharge a smartbomb in the midst of the tightly packed ships. This was high security space and CONCORD quickly descended and destroyed the terrorists, but the damage was done. Some of the pilots in the fleet arrived in shuttles or frigates which could not withstand the devastation of the smartbombs, although the pilots got out some of their crews we less fortunate.

The proceedings continued by one of our leaders, Neridhah Tanz:

Thank you Ugleb, and welcome everyone.

Poreuomai joined Ushra’Khan about a year before I did, and I met him while I was recruited into the alliance. At the time, he seemed far beyond my meagre skills – a seasoned veteran – and quite intimidating. I discovered that the latter was far from the case.

In fact he has always acted with good humour and dignity, helping new recruits, and supporting his corporation and alliance. Poreuomai also possesses a cutting intelligence, which until recently he loved to exercise in the Inter Galactic Summit. I still take the time to read his messages, despite my natural reclusiveness.

A cursory search will show the character of Poreuomai’s combat record, his debating skill, and reveal his enthusiasm and excitement for this community. His life with Ushra’Khan has been a full one, ranging from null sec wars, to corporation activities, supporting and debating with his friends in private and in public.

He relished it all, the thrill of flying in an all Matari fleet opposing the slavers in Providence, and flying beside his friends and allies in that historic moment being a particularly vivid memory. To me his attitude represented the best of what makes the Ushra’Khan a great place to be.
I for one will miss him. Judging from the variety and number of pilots assembled today, I am not alone.

I believe his new role as ambassador to our people will be time spent doing that which he most enjoyed – shaping and encouraging our peoples search for their rightful place in this world. In memory of Poreuomai’s contribution to us, all current corporations of the Ushra’Khan will institute a medal.

The object of this medal is to recognise those pilots who reflect the values of courage, good humour and basic humanity that Poreuomai lives. Those who receive this medal will forever be associated with him in our culture.

Poreuomai’s Gift.
Awarded to pilots of the Ushra’Khan whose actions reflect the values embodied by our friend Poreuomai, particularly those of; courage, shrewdness, and sacrifice, accompanied by a sense of humour and personal dignity.

Thanks again, for joining us today to celebrate his career and send our hopes on with him.

With that Ugleb returned to thank everyone for attending the ceremony, which everyone in the system replied with a salute or a wave. This was a touching sentiment to our dear friend and director and shows how much he was respected within New Eden.

With the official part of the ceremony over, many pilots continued in geostationary orbit to converse and catchup. There were the obvious rogue pilots from outside fleet that wished to mock or disrupt the good nature of the gathering, but we paid little attention to them except for noting their corporation/alliance/pilot name for later war declarations of course!

Eventually pilots began to disperse and leave the system; many of us left a small memento of a jettisoned container with the words “Poreuomai’s Salute” emblazoned for all to see.

We come for our people

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