Out of stasis

The stasis chamber opens with a hiss of air which condenses into a white gas that settles on the ground like a fog.

Astroyka’s eyes strain at the bright white light of the medical centre, coming to her senses she looks at the digital time/date readout above her chamber and realises she has been in stasis for over a year. Was she due for re-animation? She gave instructions to the medical company to program the stasis chamber to wake her in 24 months, but also allow Mirkur Draug’Tyr directors the power to override and push the re-animation button.

“Guess Mirkur Draug’Tyr need me again”, she says with a croaking voice that has not spoken a word for such a long time.

A medi-bot silently enters the room carrying a tray with the distinctive blue re-animation electrolyte drink. She knew it would taste disgusting, but would speed her recovery. The medi-bot hands her a keycard for her locker and also giving her access to the facilities neo-com

“Time to check on what has been happening in New Eden while I slept”, she says out loud. Her legs are weak, but manages to stumble to the chair at the desk in her stasis room and insert the keycard into the terminal. The neo-com blinks into life and she can see there has been many upgrades to the UI, taking a breath she begins to regain control of her life through the myriad of interfaces and screens.

On checking her messages she can see an encrypted message from directors of Mirkur Draug’Tyr.

::: start transmission /// decryption sequence:~ [redacted] :::

Officer Name: [redacted]
Recipients: Mirkur Draug’Tyr Command
Base Location: [redacted]
Date: 28|06|[YC114]12

Greetings Warriors!

Its time to wake up and smell the Tequila! Our Minmatar brothers and sisters need our assistance on the front line, to that end we are signing the corporation over to the Minmatar Militia for a spot of Faction Warfare.

I know some KHAI members are in stasis and we have the re-animation codes, so its time to push the button and wake them up! I’ve already sent orders to wake Astroyka from her slumber, but I think she is in Caldari space so that will be fun for her when she realises she is on the wrong side of the front line (hahaha).

Please make all preparations for war, move your ships, setup resupply logistics with our haulage corporation [name redacted], and get your asses in your ships and go kill some Amarr scum!

Signing off, [name redacted]

::: end transmission :::

Astroyka: “Oh, I see, faction war, that should be fun…. Now how the hell am I going to get out of Caldari space alive?”

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