AAR: Time to flip

It’s taking me sometime to reorganise my life since being in stasis and I’m eager to be back on the battlefield fighting the good fight, but getting reacquainted with the Neocom changes and the politics of New Eden must be completed if I’m to be effective again.

One report of note is that Mirkur Draug’Tyr is no longer part of the Ushra’Khan alliance, and looking through the CONCORD reports it seems U’K is a shadow of its former self. During my stasis Mirkur Draug’Tyr joined another alliance, Defiant Legacy, which comprises of a hardened group of Faction Warfare corporations, I just hope we can fit in and assist them in the fight against slavery.

Tired of reading logs, reports and manuals I decided to connect to the Militia intel channels and see if anything was happening, anything to distract me from the tedium of Empire Logistics reports! As soon as I connected I could read the comm chatter of multiple militia members, something was going down and I wanted a piece of it!

The militia had formed a fleet and were actively taking Amarr low security systems by capturing outpost in deep-space complexes, this sounded exciting and I needed to get out and feel the pod fluid on my skin the only problem was I was poorly equipped as my Empire Logistics team was still moving my supplies around New Eden!

The militia were in the Devoid area and capturing outposts in Sifilar and Raa, I needed to get close to them and checking my clone manifest realised I had a clone close enough and with a ship too, albeit a Stealth Bomber. With a quick flash of light and the usual momentary disorientation of clone jumping I was in Minmatar space.

Adding a flight plan to the navigation computer showed I only had 6 gates to travel from my low sec base. Being back in a ship gave me a sense of security again and handling the controls from my pod was like second nature, I’d not forgotten anything by being in stasis. I cloaked as I gained range from the station and began my journey to the Sifilar system. On arrival, the local comms channel showed the reassuring purple star of my militia brothers and sisters. I spoke with a trusted alliance member who directed me to the correct fleet contact and joined the fleet.

The general premise of taking a system is that we needed to capture Amarrian outposts of varying sizes in deep-space complexes throughout the system. The complexes are easy scanned down using the on-board ship scanner, and dependant on their classification would be defended lightly (waves of Frigates/Cruisers) or vehemently (waves of Frigates/Cruisers/Battleships), either way, getting into range of the outpost (termed the “button” by the militia) would cause a timer to activate showing a countdown to its capture.

A quick scan of the system identified a “Major Outpost”; now I know I was in a Stealth Bomber, but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to warp to its location. As with most deep-space areas I landed on an acceleration gate that would take me to the complex. I activated the gate, luckily when I landed at the complex there were already fleet members capturing the outpost so there was very little for me to do other than target the remaining Amarrian ships and fire my torpedoes!

The ships went down quickly and we captured the outpost. This added to the overall capture status of the system and we were already close to making the Infrastructure Hub (iHub) vulnerable to attack. Reading the comm channels there was a lot of activity in the neighbouring system, Raa, so I decided to head over and take a look.

Raa was closer to becoming vulnerable, so checking my scanner I found the nearest complex, another Major Outpost, again this one was being captured by Minmatar Militia, so I assisted in clearing the local wildlife. It was exhilarating to be blowing up Amarr scum once again and I recalled the faces of slaves I helped free while in the service of Ushra’Khan. My moment of melancholy was short lived as the outpost was captured and with it the system became vulnerable.

A vulnerable system means the iHub can be attacked. Sounds like sovereignty war all over again, but this time we were attacking Amarr directly not its puppets like CVA!

As ever, iHubs are seriously resilient, it took a good 30 minutes and approx 20 ships of varying sizes to damage it enough for the on-board systems to recognise that Minmatar were its new owners. I guess beating something into submission is the way to go and its retribution for all the beatings the Amarrians have given their slaves.

Sifilar was a similar story, enough complexes were captured and the iHub became vulnerable, the only slight difference was a little resistance from a lone Amarrian Militia, he clearly was new to the war and strayed too close to our fleet. He was quickly dispatched and sent back to Amarr to report on what he had seen. The iHub was flipped and Amarr lost the system, a successful operation.

I felt renewed by my time in my pod, it was good to be back amongst the stars and punishing the Amarrians! I set course back to my low sec base and felt at ease with the universe once more.


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