AAR: Amarr on the run

Its been an eventful weekend on the Amarr – Minmatar border. The Tribal Liberation Force and its allies struck hard against the Amarrian invaders and took control of six systems to increase our dominance of the low security (low-sec) military zone.

Astroyka: Captains QuartersSitting in my low-sec staging office, finalising the transfer of my assets, the local intel channels were buzzing with chatter regarding the capture of deep-space complexes (plexes). My administrative work was done, it was time to jump in a ship and go help capture some plexes!

A fleet was already available and active in Halmah, so I set course to join the fleet. The journey through low-sec space was uneventful, a few war targets flashed on my overview, but all were going in the opposite direction, maybe fleeing the area? Who knows!

I entered the Halmah system and scanned down the nearest complex, we already had the plexes covered so it was a simple matter of warping to the acceleration gate and then on to the site. The fleet was of a good size, more than 20 ships of varying classes were here to capture the system, so clearing the plexes would be a simple task.

After approximately 20 minutes of capturing plexes the system became vulnerable and, as with faction warfare, it was time to attack the Infrastructure Hub (iHub). We put a call out to the rest of the militia that Halmah was vulnerable and for any available ships and pilots to come and provide more fire power to take down the iHub.

The call was heard and our ranks swelled by 20 more ships! I’m used to seeing large fleets, but only in null security space where planning and organisation is the key, but here we had pilots from different corporations and alliances all converging in one place to capture a solar system for the Minmatar Republic. Still being new to Faction warfare, it was truly a moving experience and heartening to think all these pilots were there under the Minmatar banner and fighting for a single cause. I should have joined the militia years ago!

The iHub relented and the system was ours!

Anka Infrastructure Hub

The fleets next objective was the Anka solar system, the same process applied again, capture complexes and take down the iHub. My local comms channel could identify that there were 3 war targets in the system.

We were always on our guard in the event they decided to pay us a visit at one of the plexes and try and stop us capturing the system, but again the capture was uneventful and with ping of my eMail client notifying me of my reward from the Tribal Liberation Force the system was captured.

A call from our fleet commander came over the fleet comms channel that our next objective was Tannakan. There was already militia in the system capturing plexes and it was close to becoming vulnerable. We headed to the system and quickly took the remain complexes. Whilst attacking the iHub, a lone Merlin class frigate warped directly on top of us at the iHub, he was quickly dispatched, but looking at the load-out for the ship he was fitted with a cyno generator. Guess he was hoping to hot drop something on us!

A few minutes after the Merlin was destroyed a Devoter class Heavy Interdictor landed on the iHub, clearly this was to provide a warp-in for an enemy fleet. I quickly targeted the ship and released a volley of torpedoes along with the rest of the fleet, which destroyed the ship, but not before the enemy cruiser fleet was able to warp in.

Clearly my stealth bomber was not match for a fleet of cruisers so I warped to a safe spot. The enemy fleet was dispatch or fled the area and soon I was back attacking the iHub, which was captured soon after.

Three systems captured, things were going good for us, it was getting late, but we had time for one more system that was again close to becoming vulnerable since another fleet was already capturing complexes. The order came from the Fleet Commander to head for Iesa and assist in the capture of the iHub.

Landing in the system we headed straight for the iHub, the capture was uneventful and the iHub came under Minmatar control. There was a collective cheer in the local channels for the capture of the system and the fact we had increased our hold on these border systems that we gained “Tier 5” recognition from the Tribal Liberation Force.

Minmatar - Amar Faction War Status 08/07/YC114

With that it was time to drop fleet and head back to my staging system. The trip back was again uneventful and with a great sense of satisfaction I docked my ship and went to my quarters for some well earned rest.

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  1. Hey Astro, how are things going? I see you’re still fighting the good fight. :) I’ve been watching the alliance tournament and I’m really longing for some EVE time. Maybe if I get a few other things in order in RL I’ll open up my account again. I’m thinking about picking up my pirate ways again. :)

    Fly safe.

  2. Greetings! Long time no speak :) Doing good! How are you? Will be good to see you in space again, even as a pirate :)

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