Angels are no angels

I have received reports from various sources that the Angel Cartel have attacked and invaded the settlement of Tialdshad on the planet Oddelulf III. This is in Minmatar space, right in my backyard so to speak! I believe a retaliation force was rallied to respond to the threat, which was confirmed by this recording from a pilot on the field:

The official New Eden new channels also reported the news with the headline “Angel Cartel conduct planetary attack in Oddelulf, hundreds dead“, which gave a disturbing report about the situation. This was also followed up by a curious communication to a Tech4 Operative.

I was glad toAngel Cartel receive an message from the Ushra’Khan second in command, DeT Resprox, stating we would be forming a fleet and aid package bound for Oddelulf. Any assistance we can provide I’m sure would be welcomed, but I’m also certain that Amarrian slavers, their puppets and any opportunistic scum will try and thwart our assistance, clearly they would be low enough to try such a thing.

It makes no difference to us, we will provide the aid and assist in the clean up of any Angel Cartel or anyone that aggresses us.

I will take this opportunity to also call on anyone who wishes to support U’K in this endeavour, please send communication either here or via my NeoCom mail and I will liaise accordingly.

We come for our people

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  1. Thanks for the report.

    Time the minmatar people unite again.

    Mirkur Draug’tyr is recruiting fast pilots with the ability to do covert, behind enemy lines operations.

    contact channel “xxxxx” – or evemail.

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