AAR: Kourmonen defence

Losing to the Angel Cartel earlier in the day left a bad taste in my mouth, we need to rally more Minmatar allies and be ready for the next encounter. Using my contacts I spoke with a few leaders of other Minmatar alliances or sympathisers to try and spread the word about the Angel Cartel attacks in an effort to garner their support.

Speaking with Wex Manchester and Onnen Mentar of Defiant Legacy, our previous alliance, I requested they inform their troops of the situation and to spare any ships when possible. Unfortunately Defiant Legacy are fighting hard with other Minmatar Militia to save Kourmonen so have little resource to help at the moment.

Still griping from the days defeat I decided to prepare my trusty Thrasher and go aid Wex and the rest of the Militia in the defence of Kourmonen. Hopefully this would take my mind of the Angel “problem” and saving Kourmonen would be a worthy endeavour.

I wasn’t far from Kourmonen so the journey through low-sec was quick, on the way I joined the defence fleet and as soon as I entered system headed for the the nearest complex. The local comms channel showed mostly friendlies with a couple of war targets scattered around the system. The fleet was spread throughout the system working hard to secure the outposts, compounds and facilities.

Talos Gallente BattlecruiserWe moved from complex to complex, securing each for the Minmatar Republic, once the last scannable complex was complete I was rewarded with a rank increase to “Venge Captain” for my services to the Republic. Since there were no more complexes the Fleet Commander ordered us to the Kamela gate to catch anyone who was on their way to destroy our hard work.

We had a few skirmishes, but nothing of note, it wasn’t until we left Kourmonen when we managed a surprise attack on a noted Amarr Militia member, Muad ‘dib. We warp scrambled his ship and in short order destroyed it. To our surprise, we were also managed to destroy his pod too revealing the implants!

With that we decided to call it a night, we all moved back to safe areas and the fleet stood down. Despite the sadness of the Angel Cartel debacle today and the sorrow of losing the Vault and the lives of the civilians I did feel a sense of satisfaction in the defence of Kourmonen.

We come for our people

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