AAR: Vault destroyed by Angel Cartel

Now that we are aware of the Angel Cartel threat we have been watching and waiting for their next strike. We received a distress call from Gernal Egivand that his Vault in Bogelek was under attack. We thought we were ready for the next encounter, but the response was in disarray as many pilots were spread all over the Heimatar region and it would take them time to travel to the system or prepare the appropriate ship to counter the Angels attack.

Machariel BattleshipListening to the reports the Angels were fielding deadly Macharial Battleships capable of travelling 2,400 m/s and were fitted with Capacitor Neutralisers. This was causing serious issues for the initial pilots that met them as they were unable maintain lock or slow down the Battleships.

I wasn’t sure what ship to prepare to counter such deadly combinations so in a rash decision and because it was already prepared by my hangar crew I decided to jump in a Drake and head over there as quick as I could. Drakes are not the most loved in New Eden, but I figured I could keep range on the Battleships, but have enough speed to ensure I kept distance from any Electronic Warfare (EWAR) that the Angel fleet may have.

I was approximately 13 jumps away from the system under attack and the route would take me through Low Security (low-sec) space, so I set off as quick as I could and when entering low-sec performed a quick scan on the outbound gates to ensure there were no Pirate camps that I would run into. Thankfully I arrived in Bogelek without any issue and quickly joined the fleet in the system. While on route the fleet had grown to 20 pilots and we were trying to rally more from other corporations and Ushra’Khan.

I warped to the fleet location, which was positioned 600KM below the Angel fleet, listening to the comm chatter we were struggling to counter the Angels attack. I warped closer and released a volley of Heavy Missiles to see if I could provoke them, but the bait wasn’t taken. In addition to the Angel Cartel there were capsuleer loyalists working with the Cartel to repel our efforts!

Before I arrived the fleet did manage to kill a couple of the invaders:

But there was still 3 more Battleships on the field and they were continuing to attack the Vault. The Vault owner (Gernal Egivand) was pleading for more assistance, but we were just unable to save the structure.

Gouzu Kho > we’re not really stopping them though, no word from some republic military ?
Gernal Egivand > I don’t have military contacts. I am a peaceful man, who tries to avoid the conflicts of the empires where possible
Sebastien Starstrider > How many of them were there? I’ve just arrived in system.
Gernal Egivand > If it wasn’t for your brave efforts, all of my comrades would surely be dead
Gernal Egivand > I can never repay you for your bravery

Doctor Carbonatite > they’re setting charges
Doctor Carbonatite > I think we might lose the site
Gernal Egivand > again…
Olleybear > yup, its been blown
Gernal Egivand > This fills me with sadness

Grideris > We did what we could.
Gernal Egivand > Though their actions were not without great loss to them. You have all done well this day, I thank you

Grideris > We just didn’t have the numbers.
Grideris > But Gernal, I need to speak with someone
Gernal Egivand > I think I may have the contact you seek Grideris
Grideris > Something is going on.
Gernal Egivand > I cannot divulge his name right now
Gernal Egivand > But I will soon

With that Gernal Egivand left the area, the damage was done and we failed to save his Vault. There was much discussion in the comms channels regarding the best counter for the Macharial fleet. Many discussed a battleship counter, but I agree with my alliance comrade, Sebastien Starstrider, that a Tornado fleet would be better since they can fit battleship sized guns, but still have enough speed and manoeuvrability to evade the Macharial EWAR.

With the objective lost the Fleet Commander escorted us back to High Security space and the fleet was disbanded. Disheartened I headed back to my base and wondered when the next encounter would be. The Angel Cartel definitely have a plan and we need to keep our wits about us for the coming attacks.

The aid package provided by Ushra’Khan will be in more need now, this will be our next focus, aid those that are suffering and assist in repelling the Angels. The news service also reported on the battle as well as giving insight into the possible reasons for the attacks.

We come for our people

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