AAR: Live Aid

I had spent the day preparing ships for the escort operation to provide aid to the Minmatar civilians caught up in the Angel Cartel attacks in Oddelulf and Bogelek. Our commanders requested we fly “Fleet Issue” frigate, cruiser and battleship hulls, where possible, so I decided to rally my hangar crew to prepare and fit a Republic Fleet Firetail, Stabber Fleet Issue and a Tempest Fleet Issue. I knew this was a lot of work for my crew, but they managed to source missing supplies and fittings and were able to ready these ships plus go the extra mile and prepare a Scimitar Logistics cruiser (thanks team, really appreciate your hard work!).

Tempest Fleet IssueNow, clearly, I’d have to decide which ship to fly or wait for command orders to determine the fleet composition, but at least I had good options whatever the Fleet Commander would request. It wasn’t long before I was ordered to bring the Tempest Fleet Issue, not my ideal choice as I’m more accustomed to flying frigate or cruiser sized vessels, but I’m more than capable of commanding a battleship.

As the departure time approached the Fleet Organised its self to escort the freighter through to Oddelulf piloted by Alaska; a colleague of DeT Resprox. We had support from our brothers and sisters in Damu’Khonde and sympathisers to our mission, fielding over 35 vessels to protect the aid.

On route we met little resistance, but on arrival to Oddelulf we met resistance from members of Gunpoint Diplomacy and Capital Punishment. We were unsure if this was a co-ordinated attack on our aid fleet or if they were simply in the system looking for soft targets. We had to assume they were here to stop us and so the order was given to engage. The fight was short and there were few casualties on either side as the aggressors left the area allowing us to complete our mission.

Alaska piloted the freighter of supplies to the designated station and dropped off the aid package:

  • Antibiotics x 183304
  • Dairy Products x 100,000
  • Frozen Food x 339535
  • Wheat x 250,000
  • Frozen Plant Seeds x 150,000
  • Construction Blocks x 50,000
  • Silicate Glass x 25,000

With the aid package delivered the operation was complete so we headed home to celebrate a job well done. DeT Resprox confirmed the drop to the rest of New Eden via the Intergalactic Summit and that the supplies were being distributed to neighbouring systems that required them including Bogelek.

We come for our people


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