Atrocities done to a family

It’s not normal practice for me to publish this kind of discussion on my public data feed, but this touched a raw nerve with me and I feel I needed to share it and record it here for you to see. As you already know I’m a staunch supporter of the anti-slavery movement in New Eden, it’s what drives me every day and why I lobby as much as I can in any channels that will give me access. Yes I’m militant at times, not exactly the most diplomatic speaker and can be sarcastic and visceral to the Amarr people and their beliefs, but its tales and discussions I read via the “Intergalactic Summit” (IGS) that justify my position.

Recently, I have been in a long discussion regarding slavery and the role of the Amarr in such acts. You can read for yourself the whole story, but what hit home the hardest for me was recount of the atrocities done to the family of “Dilaro thagriin”, I quote them here for reference:

Dilaro thagriinMy reasons for hating your people are simple.

  • My father was beaten to death while my entire family were forced to watch for refusing your god.
  • My younger brothers were slowly poisoned mining fuel for your empire’s fleets.
  • My sister spent 5 years in the breeding pits, the 6 children she had during that time taken from her at birth before she was forced to bear another. Then she was discarded like waste meat when she could no longer bear children.
  • Finally, my mother, died from Vitoxin poisoning.

I think you can understand why he has animosity to both the supporters in the discussion and to the rest of the Amarrian race, granted they did not necessarily inflict those terrible acts on his family, but they are part of the wider problem of slavery.

There was only one comment of condolences after he wrote this, which was from me, the rest were either rebuking his position or taking the stance of “I did not do it, not my problem”, which makes me sick. Now I don’t expect full investigations into the story of this capsuleers family, but a simple, “I’m sorry for your loss” from slavery supporters may go along way. Instead, the lack of emotion from Amarrians and supporters further increases hatred for them and what they do, so can you blame Dilaro thagriin for hating Amarrians?

I’m trying to be objective here, you all know my personal feelings about gods and faiths, if you keep it to yourself and it doesn’t affect others believe in anything you like. When you start subjugating an entire race and forcing them to believe in your faith, regardless if force is used, then that’s where people like me step in to aid, fight, negotiate and yes kill to help those that can’t help themselves.

I have read and had first account stories told to me over the years of similar atrocities done to the Matari people, in fact I have contacts and whole databases full of such acts to reference, even if reading them or hearing them makes me sick to my stomach. Sharing those will have to be for another time and place as even I don’t have the heart to commit them to this service, even if it did garner support for the Matari cause.

I said in the IGS communication that I was deeply sorry for the atrocities inflicted on Dilaro thagriin’s family, I repeat it here again for the record:

I’m deeply sorry for the atrocities inflicted on your family, while it pains me to read such things time and again, it also gives me fortitude to continue with the Ushra’Khan in an effort to rid New Eden of such acts.

We come for our people

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