Criminal Consequences

CONCORD - We are watching you!I have been reading reports on various channels regarding upcoming changes to New Eden that affect the way capsuleers are “flagged” for their conduct in space. New Eden is not a safe place, even with the presence of CONCORD in high security (hi-sec) space. To curtail criminal activity in New Eden, when a capsuleer performs what could be seen as aggression on either another capsuleer or on a pirate faction the offending capsuleer will receive an “aggression timer” or a “global criminal countdown”.

These timers have various repercussions within New Eden and have major impacts to how we fly our ships. I recently received this excellent report from Abbadon21, a fellow capsuleer with years of piloting experience, on what the new “Criminal Flagging” system will achieve and how it affects us as capsuleers.

Fly (less) safe!

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