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Abbadon21: Solo Combat Expert

I recently embarked on a new training program provided by an excellent capsuleer named Abbadon21, who has had years of combat experience at all levels within New Eden. He provides his expertise and knowledge in the form of After Action Reports (AAR) and video feeds from camera drones taken during his battles.

As you have read from my public data feed, my personal battle experience has largely been centred around small gang or large fleet warfare. While this type of combat has given me plenty of understanding of how to perform during battle situations, it has left a hole in my knowledge when it comes to fighting for the Republic (or Corporation/Alliance) on a one to one basis.

My foray into Factional Warfare and joining the Militia has thrown me into a world of “lone wolfs” hunting for individual targets in Complexes and Low Security space, because of this I decided I needed to call on the skills of Abbadon21 to teach me the fundamentals of “Solo Combat”.

Clearly, his knowledge does not come free, although he has made public some of his lessons to garner support for his vast array of knowledge in order for other capsuleers to purchase his full guides and training material. I am one of his “customers” for the material and would recommend them to anyone wishing to hone their solo combat skills.

I have put into practice his lessons and knowledge and can confirm the tactics work, giving me many solo combat sorte’ with Amarrian War Targets or their supporters. I whole heartedly endorse his product and experience.

Want more information? Visit his public service.


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