The Destiny Foundation

Augustus Inhonores

Augustus Inhonores

I would like to draw your attention to an excellent initiative in the Federation created by Augustus Inhonores; The Destiny Foundation. The initiative seeks to “elevate the status of young populations in impoverished Federation countries and colonies” through funding provided by Augustus Inhonores’ commercial activities.

As you know, the Federation and the Republic have a long history and I’m sure many of my critics will accuse me of bias, no surprise there, but the truth of the matter is, if a member of the Federation can create such a foundation to benefit those in need then why can’t I support the endeavour?

Sure, I have little or no “love” for the Amarrian race (a few exceptions of course), but that is immaterial, if this foundation was created by any of the other three empires I’m sure I would support it too.

Please show your support for the foundation by visiting and commenting on the IGS release.

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