Back in the hot seat



It’s been a little while since I wrote a journal entry, I’ve been planet side dealing with critical business matters. I now return as the CEO of Mirkur Draug’Ty (KHAI) and all the duties (good and bad) that go with with appointment. Zoolkhan, the founder and long respected CEO of KHAI has stepped down to spend more time with his family promoting me to the head of KHAI. We wish him long life and prosperity.

Since I last wrote we re-joined Ushra’Khan for a while, but things didn’t quite work out, both internally and externally with the pressures for me to return planet side. As a consequence we left U’K and have been pretty much in stasis as a corporation.

Today we rejoin the fight against Amarr and have re-enlisted the corporation into the militia. It will take us a little time to get back to fighting strength and determine the tactical and strategic targets in the region. The long term goal is to reform our bonds with other corporations and alliances and assist where we can in the struggle against slaver scum.


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  1. Keep up the fight, someone has to keep the planets free.. and the amarr in check

    we come for our people – also without the sad remains of a once proud and fierce alliance, the ushra’khan

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