AAR: Capture of Oyeman

Time was short, we had to hit the Infrastructure Hub (iHub) in Oyeman to flip the system to Republic control. The hard working men and women of the militia had already spent days clearing the system of Amarrian complexes to a level where the iHub became vulnerable.

Oyeman iHubThe call went out on the intel channels for more pilots to join the fleet to bring as much fire power as they could muster to the system to make short work of the iHub. I scrambled the hangar crew to prepare a Stealth Bomber, with Tech II Torpedo Launchers and both Faction and Tech II ordnance in the cargo hold. Within minuets I was interfaced with ship and plotted the quickest route to the system.

I passed though a few systems heavily occupied by Amarrian Militia, but had to ignore them to get to my destination as quick as possible. My fleet request was accepted and within a few jumps I reached the system and set a course for the iHub.

We had a reasonably sized fleet at the iHub and the level of fire power was high enough to hit the iHub hard. We had a window of about 40 minutes to complete the task so loaded the Tech II ordnance and began to wear down the shields and then the amour.

There was no resistance from Amarr and the iHub was successfully transferred to Republic control with small amount of time to spare.  The fleet set course for more safe areas of the war zone where the fleet was disbanded. I set course for my Low Sec homebase and returned to the duties I was called away from.

While Oyeman wasn’t as strategic as other systems in the war zone, its tactical benefits in the bigger picture of the area is paramount.

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